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Friday, January 29

The Girl in the Purple Dress



Outfit details: Lisa for LOFT necklace (similar here and here)
 Bailey 44 Center of Attention Dress (here for pregs ladies and a spendy lookalike here)
Frye Sunny Multi Strap boots in Fog (similar here and here)
Forever 21 $4.90 leggings

This is what I wore to class yesterday. It is intermittently frigid and warm outside, and the building where all my classes are held is much the same way. I end up layering and erring on the side of cold since it's always a gamble whether the heating or the A/C will be the reigning unit on any given day.

I love these boots for in-between weather. They're lightweight and go with every color in my wardrobe. I love them (as with all of my Frye boots) but they don't get enough love from me because they are so light-colored and have a leather sole. Does anyone else do this? Not wear their favorite things so that they don't get ruined during...wearing? I like to think that it makes my special things last longer, by not using them. I don't know why I do this.

Also a few administrative things:

I added a link to my account if anyone has any questions for me! I try my best to respond to most comments, but I know that not everyone sees the responses or thinks to check certain posts to find my response.

I also added the ~followers~ widget to my blog after resisting for months. I had felt like it didn't belong anywhere in my current layout, but was starting to feel like I was missing out on a lot of fun! So if you're interested in adding my blog to your Google Reader or seeing your sweet face on my page, please click away! It's temporarily (maybe permanently?) at the very bottom of the page.

One last thing--I'm about a week behind in my blog-reading. If you haven't heard from me lately, that doesn't mean I'm not reading your amazing posts! Hopefully I'll be able to catch up with each and every one of you very soon.

Have a great weekend!


  1. That looks like a very comfy and cute dress. Im curious what you're going to school for? Business? Also, I want to Follow you're blog but I don't see the Follow button! :(

  2. Oh nevermind, Im so silly, i found it at the bottom... oops!

  3. I finally bought a pair of tall light grey boots that I thought I would get tons of wear out of....but, I find that I almost never wear them. For some reason, I think my tall black boots always look better.

    I love the purple dress you're wearing!

  4. What a simple yet pretty and girly outfit! Love ^^

  5. I love your dress and boots. And I know what you mean about buildings that can't make up their mind about tempature!

  6. I. Love. Your. Boots. LOVE. Like, I die.


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