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Tuesday, January 19

Back to School Spring 2010



Outfit details: Scottie Dog sweater by Field Flower (Anthro circa 2006? 2007?)
(similar vibe here and here)
J. Crew Toothpick Ankle Cords in Brown
Frye Bonnie Tall Riding Boots in Red/Black (Black, brown, and grey here.)
Longchamp Le Pliage Large Tote in Lime Grey 

I just realized this set of photos has been sitting in my Flickr since Wednesday! Whoops!

Anyway, this is what I wore for my first day of classes last week on Wednesday. I've been slowly branching out into wearing what I really want and feeling less self-conscious that I'm not as conservative or business-y as many of my classmates.

This sweater was an Anthropologie piece for which I'd been holding out for a sale. When it finally got marked down to $69.95 (half of the asking price!), I snagged it. And then I was stumped on what to wear with it. I really like the idea of mustard yellow or primary red (maybe even burgundy!) with it, but in reality I felt like a box of crayons with so much color when I tried them on together.

I really love that the detailing with the wooden scottie dog buttons feels very schoolteacher. You know, sort of like the classic applique teacher sweater?

Example. Actually I kind of like this one. 
OMG I just noticed the "scarf" tassels.

Maybe that's why I felt inspired to pull this out for class? I'm glad it isn't red in the body, because I'd feel a little too much like Santa.

Hope you all had a restful MLK Day! And I also hope you had a moment to reflect on the meaning behind today. 


  1. Girl, you are ridic. cute. That is all.

  2. The sweater is amazing! At first I thought it was a vest but I like it better as a sweater. I love that you paired it with classic blue jeans and brown boots! I love this!

  3. Love the scotty dog buttons...too adorable!
    - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  4. What a great sweater. The buyers at Anthro totally impress me and I love how you paired it with cords. your outfit is like the perfect mix of school girl charm and trendy.

  5. I adore the buttons and the cable knit! I think it's cool you dress against the grain. I bet it makes you stand out from the other b-school students and, as you know, branding is an important part of marketing :-).
    the renegade bean


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