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Tuesday, January 26

Tea Party Perfect



Outfit details: J. Crew Silk Frances Cami
 Cardigan with beading and parasols by Guinevere--
from Anthro a few years ago (similar feel here and here and here!))
Twilit Skirt (similar in leopard here)
Longchamp Tote in Lime Grey
Hunter Original Wellies

I really love a great special little cardigan sweater. This was another piece that I stalked at Anthropologie until it got marked down. Apparently that's my thing, special cardigans. That plus any dresses that are ladylike I can grab.

I've joked with my friends, I'm always prepared for a fancy dinner, wedding, tea party, bruncheon, but feel like otherwise I have nothing to wear. So I end up being overdressed a lot of the time. That's not so bad, though, I guess.

This is another backlogged outfit. I met Fallon for a girls' day while all the mans stayed in on a rainy day. And I guess I did have a cup of tea, so it was actually very appropriate. All this talk about tea parties makes me want to throw another tea. Perhaps with the new Alice movie coming out this Spring, it is the perfect time...


  1. i love this! that sweater is gorgeous and i love it paired with the twilit skirt

    i feel the same way about my clothes. i feel like i'm always dressed up a bit, but i don't mind, i like getting wear out of the items i buy

  2. I LOVED your cardigan on Saturday.

  3. Ruffles galore! I love the ruffle detail on the skirt and I'm super envious of your Hunter wellies. I need a pair so badly!

    xo Jenny

  4. I LOVE the blouse!! And the wellies add a nice touch

  5. *wishes she had bought that skirt* Gorgeous!

  6. Love how the ruffles on your top balance out the ruffled pockets on the skirt.
    Speaking of tea parties...My 37th b-day is 2 days before the Alice movie comes out. I've always loved having my girlfriends over for tea in the past and have not done so since my son was born (9 years ago). So, I told my husband that I'm going to have a Mad Tea Party with my best girlfriends for my birthday. If you lived in Dallas I would invite you to tea as well. :)

  7. Love this outfit so much, I could cry.

  8. How cute!! I love how the ruffle is huge but it's totally not too much. Adorable!

  9. We're twins! I wore my Twilit Skirt today with a light pink sweater. You look adorable and i love that anthro cardigan so much!

  10. You have a wonderful collection of cardigans. I want them! LOVE your Longchamp Le Pliage, too!


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