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Friday, January 8

Kitty Cats

I don't know why this was such a bitch to finish! It was completely constructed and only needed hemming several days ago. I gaffed on one seam and simply couldn't bring myself to rip out a million little stitches in the collar to fix it.But here it is in all of its glory. My crazy cat lady dress!

It's finished! Well about 95% anyway.
Flats: Aldo Varble

I got off my butt and finally ripped and sewed the necessary parts. I'm unsure on how to proceed with the hem. I was originally going to follow the pattern packet, but that would make thing thing so. frippin. short! So I think I may end up facing the hem with another piece of the printed fabric. Now only if I could find where I hid that extra cat print...

I've sewn things on and off for about 8 years now. I still can't do super advanced techniques or understand how buttonholes work, but I can follow most patterns without many issues. This Built by Wendy/Built By You number was a snap! I thought it was suitable for beginners, and more experienced sewers will be able to whip this up in 2-4 hours without a problem.

I chose to make things harder by adding an acetate lining (sux to sew) and incorporating an exposed zipper. The lining doubled the amount of sewing required (I essentially sewed two identical dresses together) and made the zipper attachment twice as complicated. The zipper itself is a coat zipper which actually separates--I was nervous during sewing that I would forget to put it back together and my finished project would be messed up!

If I were to make this again, I would probably choose a thicker breathable fabric and forgo the lining. And make the sleeves a little bigger, because I feel like I am sausaging out of them. Overall I'm pretty happy with it. The grand total for supplies + pattern was a little under $20!

And I like it styled with other things I own, too:

Details: Forever 21 Circle Vest (see similar here)
Anthropologie Equestrian Waist Belt (similar here and here)
Target Katherine Engineer Boots

A few more ideas:
With waist belt and cardigan
Leather jacket and riding boots
Sandals for spring
A blazer and sash and oxford flats


I'm excited to work it into my wardrobe. Do any of you out there sew? I'd love to see your projects!


  1. Aw, it looks adorable! :) You did a fantastic job!
    I'm starting sewing classes next month, so hopefully I'll have some small projects started soon... :D

  2. Wow Jinah that looks awesome! Reminds me of the siamese kitty I had when I was a teenager...his name was Smudge and he was a crazy, funny cat. He could open doors by jiggling the knob with his paws, lol.

    Anyways, I'm impressed. I don't sew but I've always wanted to learn. I like how you styled it with you belt, vest and boots!

  3. wow such a great job!

    i love cats and will totally be a cat lady in my old age

    i could never make something like that, but that looks so fabulous on you!!!!

  4. Love the whole look. I have the same pattern, but NO sewing machine so I'll have to bide my time till I find one I like. Keep posting your sewing projects!

  5. Oh my are so talented, and that dress is ridic adorable! Love it!

  6. Yay! So glad to see the finished product is so adorable! I absolutely love the print and the pattern!
    Just a thought after reading your resolution post, but I would love to see more of your handmade projects! Even in their unfinished stages as you're working on them. Not sure if this is the direction you want to take your blog in though! I love seeing all the DIY handyness out there. Inspires me to dust off my sewing machine as well!

  7. Great job! I like the second look best of all.

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  9. LOVE IT! Maybe you could put a solid band of grey or white at the bottom to lengthen and finish the hem?

    I am working with this pattern right now, but I am doing the sleeves a little different (shorter and minus the ties). I am dreading attaching the lining, the acetate is so slippery. :/

  10. $20, that is impressive, and it looks nice! I admire people who can sew.

  11. $20, that is impressive, and it looks nice! I admire people who can sew.

  12. Oh my are so talented, and that dress is ridic adorable! Love it!


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