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Thursday, January 28

Repeat Outfit, Wuh-Oh


Outfit details: I 'Heart' Ronson Dress (check your local JCP, or similar here)
(the remaining pieces from this collection are available here!)
Cartonnier Boyfriend Blazer (this one looks identical, down to the buttons and trim!)
Target Katherine Engineer Boots

I wore this exact outfit on my birthday back in October. Actually, I just realized I never posted that back in the day. So don't you wag your finger at me, Secret Fashion Police!

This dress was the primary reason I stepped into a JCPenney for the first time in years.  I think I saw it in Teen Vogue last year and had to have it. The fit and styling of this are so me, and the peacock feather print is both sweet and edgy at the same time. I felt like this belonged in Urban Outfitters, and not on the half off rack at Penneys!

Anyways, I like it. It was only $34.99 or something full price, and when I bought it, it was on sale. All in all, a satisfying purchase. The end.

Oh, and note my craft party going on in the background. I will discuss that with you shortly.


  1. I can't believe that dress is from JCP! You win the award for finding cute stuff anywhere. I had a long convo with hubs the other night about how lazy I am with shopping these days.

  2. To be fair, this is from JCP from my trip to Alabama. Where they still had an old skool VS, and Forever 21 was the biggest store there.

  3. Whar size is your jacket? Am debating between a 0 and a 2... I usually wear xs or 0 on tops...112 lbs, 5'5

  4. LOVE the dress! you look so pretty and the valentines turned out so cute!!

  5. I really like this dress.... not only do quite like the colors, but I feel like there are a bunch of eyeballs all over it looking at everyone! That's probably kind of weird... but I mean it in a really good, fun way!

  6. Helen- the jacket I got is from Anthropologie and was sized S-M-L sizing. I got an XS in it. I would probably go with the 0 since it is from the "Misses" department at Nordstrom.


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