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Sunday, January 31

Neopolitan Zigzag Dress



Outfit details: Milly Zigzag Dress
Rebecca Minkoff MAM in Dark Brown (in royal w/brown basketweave trim here--
various browns available on resale sites such as eBay and Bonanzle)
Cream knee socks from Urban Outfitters (similar style here)
Mixed bangles from Anthropologie (similar sets here)
Frye Lisa T-Straps (this year's version here)
Polish: Essie Greenport

Despite the how frigid it was today, I thought it was time to take this dress out for a spin! I am at a total loss most of the time on how to appropriately dress for the winter chill, and today was no exception. Insulated layers? Puffer coats? Layered legwear? These things don't exist in my wardrobe, yikes!

I even decided to forgo tights since the only pairs I have are black and white and neither color seemed to work here. Luckily the sun came out during the course of the day and made up for my lack of winter wardrobe.

I have always loved bright pops of color and jazzy patterns on things. This Milly dress was one of those purchases that just felt meant to be. It reminds me of warm weather and yummy ice cream flavors! And it's the perfect excuse for serious color-matching. I was really happy when I realized my nails could match my dress exactly.

And thanks to Rosa, I ended up pulling out my Frye t-straps! I had totally forgotten that I owned these until I saw them on her blog recently. How silly am I?

Today I had an early meeting at work (one of the perils of working retail--weekend shifts) and a full on girls' day with my sisters, involving a Forever 21 scavenger hunt and a Target excursion. Has anyone seen those sideways cross two-finger-rings that F21 carries (that are very Taylor of Rachel Zoe fame)? I saw them last week and hesitated since I am not sure that is part of my "look" or lifestyle anymore, but all of a sudden I just really really needed one. So I made the trip up to the suburbs, excited since it was a $8 or less piece. To no avail, sadly.

The Target store in question still had racks upon racks of Rodarte looks left, and it was all 30% off! Seeing as I'd done most of the damage I needed to back in December, I passed it on by. If any of you are still trying to find a sequined ribcage dress, the little leopard number, or the tulle black bow dress, the North Point store still has a decent selection of sizes left!


  1. I love this dress -- it does look like ice cream flavors! Love your shoes too.

    - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  2. Knee socks, hooray! I think they're just the most adorable accessories, but am terrified to wear them for fear of looking twelve. You look fab today! (To heck with dressing weather-appropriate! It's 23 degrees here tonight and I'm wearing a strappy dress with tights. My ego keeps me warm.)

  3. this dress is adorable and i love the way you styled the fryes!

  4. I like how your nails match your outfit!
    And, I really regret not buying those Frye t-straps in purple when Anthro had them. :(

  5. Oh, that dress is so cute Jinah, very Missoni! :) And the Fryes are just so pretty!

    I know the multi-finger rings you are talking about...if I see one on my next F21 excursion, I will try to snap one up for you! What size do you wear?


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