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Tuesday, January 12

Kaleidescope Decatur Sale!

I lurrve my new Milly Dress!

I'm blogging because I heart Camille and support independent local independent boutiques, so here goes. Due to these *hard economic times* Kaleidescope Boutique in Decatur is clearing out their inventory. One of my besties tipped me off and so I headed over there last night to check it out. They had yummy snacks, Stella, and first dibs on everything left--at 50% off!! Excluding denim, which was 40% off, but hey, that is still a killer deal.

There were so many delicious things left, including: sequined 50's cardigans, gorgeous maxi-dresses (perfect for the oh, 9 months of summer down here!), a good selection of Fidelity jeans (which are super flattering on), edgy jersey tops with chain detailing, perfect little cocktail dresses, frilly date-night dresses, and not to mention men's clothing! Oh, and even one or two of the red dress as seen on Lar of Asian Cajuns!

I picked up this Milly sweaterdress, which is 2010 RESORT COLLECTIONZ, and still FULL PRICE at Neiman's and Bergdorf's! They still have a bunch of Tulle coats, Joe's jeans (including current season jeggings!!), Modern Amusement shirts for your mans, Heavy Rotation graphic tees (so much cuteness!), and many other amazing current Milly pieces, including:

This amazing Cascade Mini Dress in Brown.

I lurrved this too, but couldn't afford both (darned budget!). The little ties on the side are so freaking adorable and clink like little bells. The whole look was very chic roller disco on. See it in papaya at Net-a-Porter. It also came in white, but that seems to be sold out at most e-tailers. Hmph.

Sequin Sparkle Merino Wool Dress in Black at Net-A-Porter

 This little number was so. darling. in person. But sadly they were out of my size. I see this as perfect for one of my girlfriends...(ahem paging Kat to this post!). It's so glammy glam but ladylike, ugh, love it. I first spotted this in November and was dying to have it for NYE. Ugh ugh, someone get it so that I can live vicariously.

The sale should continue through Thursday, with extended opening hours. I left around 10:15 last night, and the sale-a-palooza was still going strong!

252 West Ponce De Leon Avenue
Decatur, GA 30030-3269


  1. I wish I lived in Decatur right this moment. Thanks for making the rest of us jealous! Ha ha. But I do like the dress you got. Nice. :]

  2. Hey Jinah, I just had a realization: I don't think I ever asked your permission to add you to my blogroll :-/ Sorry about that, is it ok with you if I link your blog to mine?

  3. Hi Jinah!!!
    Cath and I couldn't make it to the sale on Monday night, but we went last night and talked to Kim! She was like "my best friend is writing about us" and I snuck a peak at her screen and was like "we know JINAH!!!"
    I did actually get the red dress last night! Thanks so much for the shout out ;)
    I told Kim we all have to really truly get together soon. Let's make plans! Blogger meet-up!

  4. Oh my gosh, I am envious that I don't live closer to this apparent treasure trove. That Milly dress has been haunting my dreams!


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