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Thursday, January 7

The One That Came Back


Outfit details: Old Navy cami
LINE Ruffled Open Cardigan (The infamous "Quiet Moments" cardigan--similar here and here!)
Corey Lynn Calter Bengal Stripe Skirt (similar shape/colorway here, similar by CLC here)
American Apparel Thigh High Socks
Miss Albright Studded T Strap Flats (similar here and here)

I think I've mentioned before how I have a mental list of "items that got away." Some of them just lurk in the back of my mind and I accept that I will not own them. Sometimes things sell out. Sometimes things are just too darned expensive. Sometimes I just change my mind several days, weeks, or months later. That was the case with this cardigan.

When I started work at Anthro a good clip ago, this little ruffled cardigan  by Line was on the racks. And it continued to sell and be restocked so. many. times. I'd see it come in and sell out and grew tired of seeing it and having so many women fawn over what I didn't consider a very unique piece (I guess since I personally saw so many people buy it!).

Then the final shipment eventually came and they trickled down to three, two, then one. None of them were my size, and all that remained were the "wild" colors--bright turquoise, baby pink. stark white. So not me. But suddenly I really wanted it.

Then Forever 21 supposedly carried a doppleganger piece. For which I stalked the local fast fashion store and never saw ever. A few online boutiques stocked similar or the same piece by Line knits who never had my size either. There was even a GiltIdeelHauteLaLa (which was it?!) sale with a plethora of ruffled Line cardies. WHICH I TOTALLY MISSED.

I actually saw an imitation at the Saks outlet (Off 5th), rather, a rack full of them, and passed after trying it on and knowing it didn't compare to the original. I finally tracked one down on eBay and now it is mine mine mine!

So I guess what I am trying to say is that in this day and age of information clarity, you can get what you want, even if it seems impossible to find. Has your Google-fu served you well lately?


  1. Jinah, how are you so cute? This oufit is divine.

    I am the same way about mentally pooh poohing an item when it is in stock and in abundance, and then when supplies start to dwindle (and usually when seeing how awesome it is on someone else) I start getting antsy and decide I absolutely positively need it. Usually eBay solves all my woes in the end (though many have required years of patient searching), but not always. Which is why I usually err on the buy side these days, savings account be damned ;) Glad you managed to track down your ruffley drapey cardi, it is certainly very cute on you! Oh and love the alternate CLC version of the skirt, prettay.

  2. Aw, I'm so glad you got it! :) It's really cute!
    I missed out on getting one Forever21 dress that i absolutely loved, and I can't find it anywhere on the internet. Hopefully one day it'll show up. :)

  3. So cute! I love that cardigan and own it in oatmeal. That skirt is adorable as well!

  4. YAY!!!!! You finally found it! I love how you put it together! There are moments when I regret not buying that skirt and then I remind myself that I already own a CLC stripe skirt - its pink and grey from Fall '08.

  5. Anjali- Haha, I err on the side of buying most of the time too, oops! Especially at Anthro with their generous return policy...

    MissKellie- I have a few F21 pieces I wish I'd bought too! Which is yours? If it is the dress with the unicorn and bunny print, then ME TOO!

    Rosa- Yay! I feel like we are twinners so often.

    Fallon- The pink/grey skirt didn't fit me but I loooooved the shape of it! And the bengal striped skirt I waffled on for a long time. I actually bought it right out of the box then returned it...Then bought it again. I just loved the outfit in the catalog and had to have it.

  6. if you have the apple that won't go on to the blue screen...try borrowing a leopard cd and installing that. it doesn't erase your old files..and should update your computer to leopard....(borrow from a friend so you don't have to buy it!)

    (i'm on a g4 from 2006 that is barely holding on..but still works great:)

  7. Well worth your search! I would totally be one of those customers buying that sweater and then I would wear it with everything!

  8. Thanks for the tip, Anonymous! My super tech-savvy roomies are trying to revive it. Thankfully I have a desktop also, but still! I miss my baby.

  9. This outfit is adorable!
    I want to steal those shoes from you.


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