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Friday, January 22

Outfits I Wish I Wore Today



Outfit details: Forever 21 beaded cardigan in teal
Corey Lynn Calter Mona Beaded Tank (Anthro calls it the "Snowscape Tank")
Old Navy grey/white stripe sailor top (much superior rendition here)
Idra cropped pleated pants (similar here and here and here!)
Anthro's triple strand headband in carbon
Jeffrey Campbell Haley flats in pewter (black studded here and similar-ish here)
Nine West satin flats (similar here and here)
Chie Mihara silver maryjanes--1 pr left! (same feel here)

Okay so I posted three variations on the same outfit. None of which I actually ended up wearing today. Sigh.

I sure do feel like I talk about the weather a lot, but to be frank, the weather is an important component of planning what to wear, atleast for me anyway. Atlanta can be extremely fickle weather-wise, and not to mention humid or wet or hot a majority of the time. Today was another freak weather day. I got up this morning, looked outside, checked my weather widget and got dressed. When I took these photos, soon after, it was still sunny out!

When I headed out for class a few hours later, it was drizzling and grey. Since it is atleast a 5 minute walk from anywhere I can park to get to my classes, flats were out of the question if I wanted my feet to stay dry. So were the Chies. I ended up running back upstairs to change into my wellies and called it a day.

Anyway, I got this little cardigan at Forever 21 on Tuesday. It was even on sale, and I totally didn't realize that they do markdowns, so it was only $13.99! The weather put a damper on pairing it with my Snowscape Tank too. Silk + rain = no way. So I threw on this stripey Old Navy top instead.

I threw in the silly picture with the mary janes because this is what I would have liked to wear ideally! Sometimes I wish that I had the option of changing shoes upon arriving at my destination or was willing to trek concrete blocks in heels--it's not my feet that complain, it's the shoes. My shoes get trashed so quickly when I am walking urban blocks! And I didn't time the pose right and fell over immediately after I snapped this picture.

I can't wait until tomorrow so I can embark on my new sewing adventure!!


  1. love the blog! a lot of really cool stuff! check mine out and follow it if you get time

  2. Yeah, yesterday sucked and today is - well, today looks like it sucks too.

    You look super cute though. I love that pop of blue and those cropped pants - I could never carry that off!

  3. Love the pants and the color blue together, beautiful.

  4. Great outfit Jinah - looks very chic and comfortable. Love those Chies too!

    The quilting project sounds like a fun one to start. I have always loved quilts. Someday I want to have someone make me a memory quilt out of my sons outgrown clothes...hmmm, maybe you could learn how to do that? ;-)

  5. I love it! I often revolve my outfits on the weather too but it's no fun when it's that unpredictable! I think they all look cute too!

  6. love the snowscape tank on you! and the cardigan is a great contrast to the pale color of the tank.

    by the way, i'm a fellow MBA student too. all the way from southern california!

  7. Weather makes planning outfits such a pain, doesn't it?!

    Sometimes I actually bring a pair of flats with me in my schoolbag when I'm wearing heels, so I can easily change if my feet start to hurt to much! Haha! I always feel silly changing my shoes, but my toes thank me later!

  8. I love those cropped trouser pants...I'm really thinking I'll be giving in soon and buying myself a pair.


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