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Friday, January 8

Resolutions 2010: Lots of Unfinished Business

Since the icy roads and lack of transportation have foiled my Friday night dinner date plans, I think it's time for a resolutions post. I actually broke this up into categories so I can refer back to it later on.

From l-r: Laura Chau's Just Enough Ruffles Scarf (which I am STILL working on), my current Shelfari shelf, and the blagg.

I lost track of a lot of my projects in 2009 and want to get back to bizness. I have a lot of fabric scraps, half knitted objects, unmade curtains, unframed prints, etc. etc. all over the house and since I have so much time, I really need to get crackin'. So I guess more specifically:

  1. Finish UFOs (unfinished objects)!!!  
  2. Make more things in general. In the past I've dabbled in painting, drawing, photography, sewing, knitting, and papercraft. I don't know if I have a short attention span or what. If I end up focusing my crafty side, maybe I can set up shop on etsy or have a table at the next ICE!
  3. Read 30 books this year. I finally got my Atlanta/Fulton library card and figured out how to reserve books online! Last year I kept a log of how many books I read, and that list was embarrassingly short! I've revamped my Shelfari account, and am using my Borders coupons and rewards certificates towards this goal. A little more than one book every two weeks.
  4. Devote more time/energy to the blog. I already have a redesign in the works and have all of the tools to put together better posts more often. I just need to get off my butt and get on it! 


    Between not know what I want to be when I "grow up" and buzzing back from school to the mall for work, I think I lost myself. I was also a little distracted by the blogosphere. Darn you really cute bloggers and your edgy outfits! I've come to realize that those looks don't work for me and my personality. 2010 means embracing my girly frocks.

    1. Slow down or even cut out shopping completely. This is going to be the toughie. 2009 was the year of the motto, "Gotta love that recession." My closet probably doubled in size and there is an embarrassing mass of unworn and already irrelevant pieces I somehow collected.
    2. Get organized! Between my teeny closet, the hall closet I commandeered from my roommates, the dressers, and chest I have, there are still clothes overflowing everywhere! I think part of this will have to be a massive cleanout. I'm ready to have a streamlined closet!
    3. Buy more vintage and handmade. Even if this means thrifting. I already have a long etsy wishlist, so the handmade part shouldn't be hard! Lately (sans a discount anywhere) I've been feeling like clothing in general is overpriced and I'm overpaying if I choose to buy anything.

    If any of you recall this post, then you understand how I feel about exercise. But lately I've had way. too. much. downtime and I'm needing some more physical activity. Working on my feet 30 hours a week and walking 15 minutes to class from where I parked my car was enough to keep me feeling somewhat perky. Now that I'm only taking classes two days a week and doing nothing specific in the meantime, the couch and I have become too close.

    1. Eat better. I'm extremely guilty of eating out way more than necessary. I am totally capable of cooking and eating more produce. Good thing I subscribe to so many nommy food blogs!
    2. Exercise. This is probably the most dreaded one of mine. EUGH. My sister dragged me to a Zumba class at the Y a couple weeks back and I had a blast. Knowing it's not quite the same following a video at home, I decided to see if there were any classes closer to me downtown. There are. Offered at my undergrad school. And it costs less than one month's membership at any gym for the entire semester! Not only that, it includes the yoga and pilates classes I regularly attended while I went to that gym. I'm going to sign up and use my Alumni membership ASAP!

    Please feel free to add me on Shelfari! And if you are striving for any of the same goals I am this year, holler at me. I'd love to start a support network and share tricks and tips!


      1. This is a great post. It was fun to read about your goals and how you plan to achieve them! I remember learning that you shouldn't just write down "Exercise more" but you should make it more specific and measurable and you've done an awesome job doing that!

        I, too, am going to try and buy more vintage and handmade things this year!

        Anyways, I've enjoyed reading your blog for awhile now! It's fun. :)

      2. Great post! I like that you broke everything down and it's detailed. Good luck with all your goals! At least you have things to work on. It seems like a lot of my goals for the new year are a little too generalized...

      3. Great resolutions! I totally agree with going to an exercise class. There is something so much more motivating when you have to workout with other people. Best of luck with all your resolutions.

      4. Fabulous resolutions. Good luck with achieving them all they all seem totally reasonable.

      5. You've got such great resolutions! :) I love the book one! I also want to start reading more this year- I have a bad habit of starting books, and then never finishing them. But no more! This year, I will be a reading machine! :D


      Bonjour y'all! Thanks for stopping by.

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