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Wednesday, March 31

Ready, Set, Spring!



Outfit details: J. Crew Jackie Cardigan
 American Apparel Deep V Neck tee
Thrifted skirt (possible sister skirt)
Pamela Barsky scarf pins 
(from Squash Blossom in Decatur!)
Seychelles Her Majesty pumps

Despite the sickles I decided to show my sniffles up and get dressed today. The skirt I was excited to unearth despite the complaints that it was "grandma" from the boyfriend. I think it feels very flirty and feminine and is my preferred length for skirts. 

I went a little crazy with color today--but I think it's for the best. Also, prior to my Atlanta Magazine feature, I studied this pretty hard. I think it definitely shows here.

Whoo hoo bare legs! And hooray for personally appropriate hemlines. I now know my limits.


  1. You look so pretty and feminine today - I love the outfit!

  2. Love your skirt! What a great find!

  3. Love everything about this outfit. Extremely inspiring, with a wonderfully vintage vibe.

  4. I totally thought that you made your little pins! I'll have to go to SB and get some of my own. I wish that more of my favorite brands made skirts in this length because they are just so comfortable and flattering all at the same time - its never a crime to look like a lady :)

  5. Pretty outfit! :) I have those shoes (in black)-- I really like this whiskey color, too.

  6. very feminine and very gorgeous!!!!! teal is my favorite color and it looks gorgeous here with the floral skirt!

    ps. if ya have time please check out my blog:

  7. I am so glad that turquoise/teal color is big this Spring! It's one of my favorite colors! You look good in it as well!

    [BTW--I saw you followed my graphic design blog, but that is just for class. It's going to be dead in about 4 weeks. If you are going to follow anything--follow this name instead! :D]

  8. Aww, the print is definitely grandma-ish, but I think you wear it beautifully! You definitely don't look frumpy in it, but instead so feminine and retro! The colors are amazing in your outfit -- it helps to give that print a youthful vibe!

  9. I like the pop of color with your outfit! You don't make that skirt look grandma-ish at all. Very pretty, very classy.


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