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Monday, March 22

Sunday Etsy Love 03.21.10

This week's theme: Lemon yellow.

I have loved this first little glimpse into Spring this week. In honor of sunshine, blooms, and April showers, I am featuring the happiest color out there--yellow! And instead of a few different alternatives for one type of item, this week I put together a fun sunny hued outfit. I think all of these pieces together would be very fun!

They call me mellow yellow.

Clockwise, from top left:
  1. Stylish yellow knit headband by AllAboutStyle, $15. I have been wanting a crocheted or knit headband with a flower a la Anthro, but have not known where to look. When I came across this Etsy seller, I was stoked to find a rainbow of colors at a great price! In chilly weather, this  piece can double as earwarmers!
  2. Vintage April Cornell Cornelloki Floral Yellow Frock Dress from VintageAsh, $52. I'm all about floral dresses lately, and this ladylike frock is right up my alley. It feels very sweet and still translates into a modern wardrobe. I want to wear this while frolicking in fields and picking daffodils.
  3. Vintage Retro Umbrella from zadoodle, $35. Of course (at least in Atlanta, anyway) with Springtime comes crazy rain showers. I always feel like a cheerful umbrella cuts through grey days. It's fun to be the one carrying a brightly colored umbrella in a sea of black on the sidewalk.
  4. Limoncello Cluster Necklace by foamywader, $99. This statement piece is just gorgeous. Easy to wear with simple solid colored dresses as well as tees! I think it would look great with a boatneck sheath dress and a classy updo.
  5. Yellow Sunrise Purse by madebylaurenb, $28. When I saw this, I immediately smiled! The handpainted clouds are a great little punch to this adorable bag. I don't think you could be in a bad mood while carrying this lovely!

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  1. What did we do before Etsy - great finds. I love that necklace.


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