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Tuesday, March 16

Give Me Liberty!


Outfit details: J. Crew Merino Double Breasted Cardigan
J. Brand 9610 The Deal Zipper Skinnies
H&M silk blend lichen tank
Liberty of London x Target scarf
MTOC for Target sandals
Forever 21 Wayfarers
Orla Kiely bag

A quick post before I pop off to bed--The time change has me totally messed up and I just want to sleep forever!

I loved the color palette of today's outfit. Very 70's in the springtime. The scarf felt like the perfect piece to tie together the hues on my bag, top, and cardi.

I picked this scarf up while shopping for the men's shirts for Markus and poking through the Liberty of London housewares for possible housewarming gifts. I have totally broken my ban between H&M and Target, but I just can't resist anything limited release. The scarf is so special though! It's three different prints pieced together. Almost like getting three for one! I love it.

And speaking of Daylight Savings time...and breaking my shopping ban, I was up at 6 AM Sunday morning (told you I was all befuddled!) and made a sleep deprived purchase from the Target site. So for blogging purposes, I'll make sure to give you guys some reviews when those arrive. I hope for my wallet and Alexa fund's sake, a lot of it will have to go back to the store.

And finally, I happened to stop by the brick and mortar Target to get coffee at the Starbucks there that same morning and witnessed something of a spectacle! As far as fashionistas go, Atlanta has them, but the extra long lines to enter sales and the catfights over exclusive items are not as extreme as I would expect elsewhere. Most collab collections draw a crowd, but I can usually maneuver the crazies to grab things in my size, and they don't sell out in less than an hour.

But Liberty was a leetle scary. I was sipping my latte and saw women grab things out of the box before employees could even unpack them! The front of store display with scarves, bags, hats, and flipflops was cleared in less than a minute. I casually picked up the scarf after the crowd had dissipated and people had made their final selections.

The Boyfriend went by the store later that day to get toiletries and said that the bedding, housewares, and kitchen stuff was completely cleared out. Good grief! And whew, good night!


  1. You wear it so elegantly! I love the outfit, especially the pop of orange with the sweater.

  2. i love it!!!

    i asked my bf in maryland to grab a scarf for me, i *think* that's the one

  3. ah! i was waiting for you to review liberty. the scarf is pretty and now i want one, too....!
    (target and h&m are also my weak spots.)

  4. cute! P.S. did you say your bf does your blog layout? I wish I had his HTML skillz. haha :)

  5. Rosa--I will inevitably stop by Target again this week to return the shirts I got for my boyfriend, let me know if you want me to pick up anything for you!

    Justine--He is awesome! He used to do IT and has had many, many blogs in the past. He's really talented and I've seen him create amazing things on the web.

  6. I love the colors! It definitely does have a very retro-spring color palette, and I adore it! You look awesome in your skinny jeans, too. How tall are you? They make you look so tall and lean. I'm a little jealous, haha! How crazy that your Target was so ransacked! Mine was decidedly more calm... in fact, we STILL have a lot of pillows/beddings/etc left.

  7. Every time I step foot in Target I buy more LoL. And now I want that scarf! So cute on you.

  8. You're totally rocking that scarf! I am honestly not a fan of the new Target line but I actually like the scarf with the basic pieces!

    Enter to win a women's Orient watch!

  9. omg i love that scarf!! i feel i must run to target to get one of my own instantly!

  10. Amy--I'm just about 5'4"-5'5" tall. I stick to mainly plain dark wash denim in slim fits because I feel like other cuts or washes make me look shorter. I don't know. And I don't like them?

  11. What a fun outfit! The scarf is lovely and I like all the color.

  12. Oooo Jinah, I love all of the colors at play here with your outfit & accessories! I am heading to Target today to return a few items, I didn't like the way the LoL dresses fit me. Hoping to find some of their candles and I'm sure several other things. Because, let's face it, even when I step foot into a Target with a list of things I need to get, I always leave with a handful of stuff I wasn't planning on buying. Haha!

  13. I hate shopping in crowds, it's completely nerve-wracking and brings out the worst in people unfortunately! Love your scarf and the pattern on your bag. You look so spring-like! :D


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