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Sunday, March 28

We Can Pretend It's Summer



Outfit details: Dear Creatures Striped Scout Blouse
Anthropologie G1 cropped pants (similar in fit)
Anthropologie Boyfriend Blazer (similar here)
Salt-Water Sandals in Navy
J. Crew Straw Fedora

I like when my outfit tells a story. Desperate not to throw on a tee and jeans yesterday, I reached for my Dear Creatures Scout top that had been languishing away during the dark chilly months. When I tumbled downstairs and announced that I was finally ready to head out for the day, my boyfriend laughed and said I looked ready to hop on a boat, or star in a play. I am totally fine with these interpretations.

We made our way to The Dump to check out what all of the fuss was about. I was impressed by the variety in selection. You could find anything from antiqued wood rolltop desks and giant wall-to-ceiling units with intricate carvings to fluffy Muppet fur dining chairs and Chesterfield sofas. Neither of us was quite in the market for new furniture pieces, but I am thrilled to find a source of interesting things for my future decorating needs.

This mini photoshoot was taken outside of the big furniture building, which was incredibly busy on a Saturday afternoon. I loved all of the details and lines of the entryway, but got shyer and shyer as more and more people walked through the shots. I was dying to get some more shots with the wood paneled columns, but it was almost impossible to catch a break between visiting patrons. Also the sun was in my eyes and I was really thirsty.

Goodness me! I'm so lucky that my mans is willing to put up with me and my constant demands for impromptu photoshoots!

I can't see. I want a soda. 

Hope you had a sunny weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness- isn't it just like you to be able to rock an outfit like that! This is so fun, I would never *dream* of wearing this (I'd probably look sooo weird in an oversize blazer and hat- hats do NOTHING for me) but you look like a million bucks! This makes me happy.

  2. That hat looks great on you...well, you whole outfit looks great, but I really like that hat!

  3. Oh dear God, Jinah, you are so freaking cool! I love this outfit. Sorry for using cool, but that's what comes off to me. I could totally picture you in a jazz club or out and about with a bunch of Bohos. So cute!

  4. You look super cool. Yesterday was a great dear in Atl but today it is a rainy one. Have a great week chica:)

  5. You look great in your outfit - and the hat!

    Ha, my BF and went to The Dump today! That place is frickin' huge! We didn't have anything in mind and probably spent an hour in there bumbling around - need to go next time with plan.

  6. Adore those sandals!

    xx Love & Aloha

  7. I love love love your outfits Jinah! You look so polished and pulled together in every single one of them. I'm diggin' your straw fedora! And I've been looking for sandals like the one you have!! They're so pretty and would go well with everything!

    Lotsa love,

  8. Hi Jinah! I am looking to buy that Dear creatures shirt after seeing how awesome it looks on you and was wondering how it fits? I almost always wear a size 0 or xs but the xs is sold out on that website. Do you think a s would work? What height and size are you so I can reference it? Thanks!

  9. V--I am a 0-2 or XS in tops and I am wearing a XS in this photo. You might be able to do the small if you are busty, though! I'm relatively flat chested and it is snug in the bust with my normal bra (which is lined but not wonderpadded).

    And it is a cotton blend so you could possibly attempt to shrink it in the wash... I just did a pretty thorough search for you online and didn't find any retailers that had any XS left in any color. Oh no! Good luck.

  10. OH it just occurred to me-- If you are interested in the chambray colorway, Anthro has it on sale right now. It's sold out online in the XS but my local store still had scads of them.

  11. Thanks so much for the info! And yup! I am interested in Anthro's colorway, and I'm sure now that I'd need an XS since I am small-chested too. I have never seen this in my store ever.. would it be possible for you to pick one up for me and I'll pay you through Paypal for the shirt/shipping? I don't know if you would do that, but I am in love with this shirt and need it so bad. It's adorable on you!


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