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Thursday, June 10

Double Trouble: Circle the Globe


Outfit details:
Old Navy striped tee (similar here)
Anthropologie Circle the Globe Skirt
Madewell The Wooden Wedge
Mulberry Alexa bag (similar here)

One last outfit post for the week before I scoot for the weekend!

I decided yesterday was the day to pull this skirt out. It's a really easy shape and the cotton voile is really lightweight and ideal for really hot days--like today. I was running around all day finishing up last minute tasks for vacation, and managed to fit a quick shopping excursion with Fallon.

We both laughed when it happened a few days ago, but when I got dressed to go hang out with Fallon  yesterday, I didn't expect to be twinsies again! But I guess in the back of my mind I did know that she owned this skirt and was likely to wear it as she is a tried and true Anthro-lover. (Check out her post for further details on what she is wearing.)

Today our matching looks were met with smiles and a lot of giggles from my former coworkers and friends at the mall. We are just on the same wavelength this week, I suppose!

After reading what Kathryn and Carol had to say about the same phenomenon, I think it is definitely a good sign! She is my go-to shopping partner in crime, and this just proves further that we are qualified to be each other's shopping compass.

We are the wonder twins!

Well, I'm off for the weekend! I have not found an ideal solution to blog via iPhone, but if I figure it out, you will get a few updates from the road! If you can't live without a daily fix of my silliness, I do update my Twitter daily.

I'll update on all the great adventures from the weekend next week! Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


  1. Its just so funny! I wish there was someone there to take a picture of us when we realized we did this for a second time.

  2. Wonder twins! You are both adorable. This happens with a few of my girl friends all the time, but it's probably because we shop together.

  3. This is so funny! You two are the cutest!
    BTW, I LOVE your bag!

  4. you look great! the bag is perfect!

  5. Again! Lol. Both of you guys look wonderful in that skirt. No wonder it is so popular.

    I am drooling over your Mulberry, but I have a RM coming soon so I must resist.

  6. I love those shoes. Do they fit true to size? Do they only come in whole sizes?


  7. Hahahaha, that is SO funny!! You look so amazing! I absolutely love this!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  8. Fellow-Atl Blogger here!
    Love that skirt!

  9. Best Jinah outfit yet! Every single thing is perfect. I'm still tempted to track down your house and steal that Alexa bag out of your closet. Maybe those shoes too while I'm at it. :)

    Have fun on vacation!!

  10. Hahaha, I love that you and Fallon were accidental twinsies! It definitely is a sign that you two are just on the same wavelength. I love how easy and cute your look today is! And I love the funky belt that Fallon is rocking!

  11. You guys are so cute together :) And sigh, I'm definitely gonna need that skirt now...

  12. You both look great in the Circle the Globe skirt! And your hair looks fab - how do you keep it from frizzing out in the humidity (i.e., like mine!)?

  13. Hahaha, you both look wonderful. !And I'm really jealous of your Mulberry Alexa, you wear it so well. :)



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