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Thursday, May 20

Grandma Chic Floral


Outfit details: here.
American Apparel Triblend Tank
J. Crew Double Breasted Merino Cardigan
Lacy scarf from Squash Blossom (we have oodles!)
Thrifted skirt (shortened one here!)
Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mini 
Thrifted Ferragamo flats 

I decided to go traditional with my florals today. And for those of you hoping to find a similar skirt, I found one on Etsy that has been shortened! Click here to snag it!

Today I feel like I ended up looking a little like I played dress up in grandma's attic full of antique treasures. I am just missing a brooch and straw hat to fully complete this ensemble! Unfortunately my main sources for borrowing such things are on vacay! Pooh.

Fallon and I had a girl's day today, which of course, included a good bit of time at ye olde Anthropologie. She hadn't hit the sale racks yet, and this second pass resulted in uncovering some goodies I made myself stay away from on Tuesday.

Somehow I found myself in the fitting room with way more things than I ever try! I can usually gauge on the hanger how things will fit me and will march straight to the register. Here are a few things that caught my eye. I was trying to be good though, and stick to my budget I had set for this round of markdowns.

Bluebells Awaken Cardigan (now $39.95!)

I had passed this cardigan over dozens of times, primarily due to the pricepoint. I hemmed and hawed over this one. The fit was perfect, it would have a nice little niche in my wardrobe, and fits my style. But do I love it? Not sure. The price is excellent for anything Tracy Reese, and the buttons really drew me in.

Blue Book Blouse (now $39.95!)
Abstract Greenery Skirt (now $49.95)

This top is a perfect summer rendition of my beloved green Dewpoint Blouse. I think the price is more than fair for how adorable this is on. It was a little too big on me and there were no smaller sizes left, so I left it behind. The skirt I was really hoping for a second price cut, but alas no. But since there were still a few left, it was hard to say no! I love everything Marimekko print, and wearing a piece feels like I am wearing art.

June, July, August Dress, $148 (new item!)

And a quickie review of something new. This dress immediately caught my eye on the website when it popped up. When I saw it had already made its way onto the racks, I snatched it and hugged it to my chest. It is glorious in person, and the fit is extremely flattering. It would have come home with me, but I couldn't swallow the pricetag today. I prefer woven materials for dresses as jersey dresses get destroyed (for me anyway) in the washer. But this lovely? I might make an exception very soon...

I would wear this plain and simple on its own. The print and the cut speak for themselves and don't need a lot of accessorizing. I might break down and go back in a week or two if it is still on my mind. Just looking at this photo again makes me feel weak. So good.


  1. I found the Abstract Greenery skirt at the Santa Monica CA location for $19.95. I bought it--might return it though as I'm not sure it goes with my coloring/what colors to pair it with! Call the store they might have some left.

  2. your bag is so cute!!!!!!

    i love that june, july, august dress, i *love* jersey dresses and i think i need that one. looks fab on you

  3. Your outfit is beautiful and classic!

  4. I love the june, july, august dress! I have since I first laid eyes on it on the website!

  5. Saskia--Oooooh thanks for the tip! I was really hoping for a second cut on this piece. For $19.95, I'm so in!

    Rosa--I looooove it. Did you go to the sample sale in NYC this past week? I'm sure she had some there!!

    DEA--Thanks, sweet lady!

    Rabin--It is soooo good in person. I am holding myself back from hitting check out in my online shopping cart. Argh!

  6. great outfit! I especially like the first one!\

  7. That June-August dress IS so pretty and looks great on you. Plus the color combo is so simple, you could dress it up a million ways.

    I've been eyeballing that dress myself in the other print it comes in, but chances are if it hits you a the knees, I'll probably be dragging around in it. How was the fit?

  8. Awwww, grandma chic indeed! But in the best way possible! that lacey scarf just MAKES this outfit! I seriously adore it. I think the Abstract Greenery skirt looks WONDERFUL on you!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Hi, Jinah
    I have been reading your blog for while.. :)
    I thought it's amazing that June, July, August dress got your attention as well as mine. I think it looks fantastic on you.

    Oh, as for Bluebells Awaken Cardigan, I have the exact same feeling about it. I don't love it, but it's very inexpensive for the brand. But I asked myself how many cardigan that I bought just because it was cheap and never have even worn them out yet.. well I have dresses, tops, skirts like that too though.. lol.

  11. I hope you found some at the SM store! I decided to keep my abstract greenery skirt--it is such a fun statement skirt, I could not part with it. and it has POCKETS!!

    Love yer blog btw :D follow on google reader...

  12. Oh btw I like how they styled in for the catalog. I think it goes well with black, too.

  13. Oooooh, I really like all these Anthropologie finds. I grabbed a few decorative things from their sale table last week, and it was so much fun. Although the original prices are outta control, the sales are pretty great!


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