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Monday, May 17

Wires and Waves Dress


Outfit details:
Theresa Mink Sideways Cross Necklace
Jack by BB Dakota Striped Dress  
(There is one left at Squash Blossom
for you local lovelies!)
Hoy Salt Water Sandals

I'm thrilled to finally pull out my arsenal of heat-wave summer weather dresses. When I saw this dress on the rack at work, I ran to and called dibs on it Chloe grabby hands style. Summers in Georgia get to the point where all that is reasonable to wear are floaty airy sundresses. This is a no nonsense, no fuss outfit that is basically my uniform in July and August. This ensemble takes me from family outings to work to dinners out without adding or taking away any pieces.

And I adore my new little sideways cross necklace. The lovely Amber posted about it recently, and I jumped for joy when I saw it! It is an affordable version of the very fly but pricey Roseark piece that Taylor on the Rachel Zoe Project is constantly wearing. My more devout Catholic pals are a little wide-eyed when they first see it, but I definitely don't mean to send out any subversive or negative messages. I just want to keep myself grounded in a jazzy and message-neutral fashion.

Oh and on a blog related note: I've made the executive decision to do my weekly Etsy post during the week instead of on Sundays. For those of you who like to get your shop on midweek, you are in luck!


  1. omigod i love your dress! it is soo.... HAPPY!! hahah

    enter my GIVEAWAY!!! AT:

    Claudia K

  2. I love this dress on you. You are making me so jealous of your weather.

  3. Tien--Sometimes it is so hot and humid outside that it feels like you walk into a hot bath. Don't be totally jealous! I'm jealous you can wear trenches and jackets year round. Jackets are my favorite!

  4. such a pretty dress!! love it!

  5. What a fun dress, I love the zigzag stripes!
    ~ Athena

  6. Ooooo, I love that dress! The colors are amazing, and the zig-zag pattern is awesome! I love those sandals, too. I can totally see why you'd live in summer dresses all summer long. Southern summers are BRUTAL! But you manage to look super adorable during the hottest months, which is not an easy feat! You have skills, lady! Also, you contributed to my sudden discovery and subsequent love of Rebecca Minkoff bags.


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