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Sunday, May 2

Sunday Etsy Love: 05.02.10

This week's theme: Roadtrip!

Since I am supposed to be studying for finals, all I can think about is what I want to do once I'm free from schoolwork this summer. Vacation in general is my favorite pastime, but roadtrips specifically are number one on my list this summer.

I love taking trips by train and plane, but this year it looks like automobile will my top priority. Here are a few things to brighten up any long car ride:

On the Road!
Clockwise, from top left:
  1. For All Travelers Tote Bag by Fox and Locket, $60. This linen tote bag caught my eye immediately. The vintage-inspired graphic and the aerodynamic shape were just too good to pass up. You can even score a matching mini tote and clutch that match to stow your toiletries! Fox and Locket is also incredibly socially conscious: for every bag purchased from the shop, Greta donates a bookbag and book to an underprivileged child in South Africa, where she resides.
  2. Baby Me Weekender Bag by Baby Me Bags, $109.99. Originally designed for mommies and moms-to-be, I think this is a sleek and stylish weekend bag for you intrepid road warriors. I love that it has a retro 60s feel, and it has many useful organizational pockets to stash your treasures as you accumulate them on your trip. This seller also has an amazing fully-stocked pre-packed hospital bag set if you need a gift for a special lady.
  3. Vintage Balenciaga Sunglasses from Miss Sally, $165. Of course if you are going to be on the road, even in the passenger's seat, you need some good sunnies. I'm really into this ombre pair. I see them pairing well with a headscarf and little blouses that tie in the front. I would feel like a movie star in these!
  4. Mixtape iPhone/iPod case by Brave Moonman, $30. One thing that I consider absolutely essential for driving extreme distances: good playlists. And in this day and age of digital media, that probably means some kind of digital listening device for most of us. But since I love a good throwback, you can deck it out like a mixtape.
  5. Handmade Leather Sandals by Lila Sandals, $75. I barely want to wear shoes as it is, but when it gets well into Spring here in Georgia, I just want to forget that socks and stuffy closed-toe shoes ever existed. I love this handmade pair, as well as every pair available in this little shop. Want authentic Mediterranean handmade leather soles? Look no further. They offer custom orders and can make any size.
  6. Vintage Mele Jewelry Earring Case from Flourishes Home, $9. One of my pet peeves when travelling is the state of my jazzy jewels after several hours in the car. Without fail, pieces manage to go missing or get irrevocably tangled up in one another. I still to this day do not have any kind of jewelry roll or travel case, but this listing might change that. This is perfect for throwing in your weekend tote and zooming off.
I hope to pop back in this week every now and then, and I want to wish good luck to all my scholarly readers on finals in the next coming days/weeks! I'll check back in with you as soon as I can.


    1. That second bag is darling! I love the colors and the print.

    2. Holy wow, those leather sandals are *amazing*. If only they carried my size. Pout.

    3. I love the weekender bag! It looks like it could POSSIBLY fit all my clothes for a road trip. Possibly. Hahaha!


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