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Wednesday, May 19

Spanx Swimwear Party: Slimming and Swimming

So let's gab about something that many of us cope with but we don't really talk about. No, I'm not talking about finances or dieting. I'm talking undergarments.

I have finally accepted that I can no longer wear the little hipsters and boyshorts with the little unicorn and cupcake patterns, as they are cut and designed for girls something like ten years my junior. That plus the constant food baby I seem to develop from my non-diet philosophy, all of a sudden I find myself in the market for shapewear.

The word girdle makes me shudder a little, and the idea of a modern corset with a million teeny bra hooks to put together is too much work for me, even if it does make me sit up straight. When we started carrying Spanx in the boutique I work in, I thought to myself, duh, this is the answer. So friends, I occasionally Spanx myself (forgive me for using the brand as a verb!) into my tight skirts and dresses.

The brand is actually based here in Atlanta, and is considered a highly desirable place of work (by myself as well!). So of course in launching the new line of shaping swimwear, they held a party at one of the best swim shops in town: Atlanta Beach.

Kimberly at Spanx was kind enough to send an invite my way last week, and I was tickled to attend!

Check out how cute this black and white number is!

Not that she needs it, but look how ultrasmooth the fabric is on!

I was really impressed with the pieces in person--the styles and cuts are very on trend and are fresh. None of the pieces read shapewear at all. And if you have ever owned or felt any Spanx products, the fabric is always soft, double layered, and very comfortable. The material used on the suits was no exception! I'm tempted to grab this really fierce one piece for myself this summer!

Founder Sara Blakely was at the party, answering questions and beaming with each bit of praise for her new product line. I had intended to go all gaga and act like a silly fangirl, but I chickened out. You guys, I am the shyest person in the world, and there were not enough racks to hide behind or corners to duck into. Next time! I even have my reporter's notebook ready.


And I loved these cookies they had at the event. Note how the detail on each one corresponds to one of the suits in the collection! So cute!!


These are my faves from the collection:

Clockwise from top left:
Structured One Piece
Convertible One Piece
Bandeau One Piece
One Shoulder One Piece

Or if you're local, you can pick one up from Atlanta Beach. They also have an amazing selection of Vix, Agua Bendita, Shoshanna, and L Space suits:

Atlanta Beach 
3145 Peachtree Road Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30305-1800
(404) 239-0612

I'll be back later tonight with my floral outfit of the day!


  1. cool jinah! wish i coulda been your partner in crime! i get shy too, but we would be silly together:)

  2. I like that gray and black one best too--it's cute! Swimsuits are tough, and never fun to shop for :(

  3. I like that gray and black one best too--it's cute! Swimsuits are tough, and never fun to shop for :(


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