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Wednesday, May 12

Summer Scoutin'



Outfit details: 
Anthro Stratus Clouds top (similar here, here, and here)
Forever 21 Smooth stone necklace (look familiar?)
Secondhand long pink pocket skirt (look familiar?)
Cynthia Vincent x Target Wedges (similar here, here, here)
Thrifted Coach bag (similarish here and here)

The weather has already fluctuated from chilly to roasting this week, and I didn't trust it to stay warm enough today to pull out another frock. Instead I decided to wear a mixed era silhouette. The skirt I found on the racks at Rag O Rama during my denim jacket holy grail trip. I had this skirt in my hand the whole time but couldn't decide if it was horrific or awesome...

Most of the time some slight alterations take those borderline secondhand pieces from the horrible side to the awesome. I have a handful of dresses that need to be doctored or collared or hemmed to make them wearable. This skirt could probably use a snip snip and hem, but every now and then I like to appreciate pieces in their original form.

And the necklace--Anthropologie's statement necklaces always pique my interest, but when I try them in person for myself, they are often overwhelming. Too heavy, too big, too...I don't know, too much, for me anyway. Such was the case with the triple strand beaded necklace and the Stormy Seas necklace. When I saw this lighter and more wallet-friendly option at Forever 21, I grabbed both colors in glee.

This color combo is definitely out of the box for me. Pink? And white? And yellow? As a recovering tomboy, the palette still feels a bit foreign to me. It was Anjali of goldenmeans who convinced me earlier today with her Botanical Stroll dress outfit (yes, I am so behind reading!). Totally serendipitous, and it seals the deal for me that I can pull off the cat lady dress. Now I just need to get my hands on it...


  1. This outfit is really ethereal and pretty. Love the color of your skirt and the little detailing on your blouse!

  2. This is a lovely color combo on you! I am jealous of your CV wedges, though. For some reason that shoe is the only style they didn't make in a 5.5. I mean, what the heck?!

  3. Your pink and yellow makes me smile because it seems so unexpected but works very well together.

  4. Ooo Jinah, I'm loving the bright pink and yellow. It's such a refreshing combo - very spring/summer!

  5. i love love love this look! the pink and yellow together are amazing and the proportions are beautiful!
    simply amazing.

  6. Hey Jinah,
    Love ur outfit! U look super cute...=D

  7. it definitely leans more on awesome! i love hot pink so long as it's paired with more mature pieces. i think you made the right choice not to hem it, too. most of the hemlines circulating are either maxi's or above knee/mini's; so it's refreshing to see something in between. nice ^_^

  8. What are those SHOES? So cute. You are such a classy lady, I want to dress like you when I grow up.

    If I ever grow up.

    By the way, I added you to my link list on my blog in case you want to return the favor :)

  9. Ahhh so pretty, you wear the colors better than I do. And HI, I LOVE your skirt. Reminds me of the Field Scout skirt that's currently out at Anthro, but in a more exciting color :)


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