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Monday, May 24

Gingko Flowers



Outfit details:
Hayden Harnett Helena Wrap Dress (similar here, here, and here)
Thrifted Dooney and Bourke bag (similar here, here, and here)
Seychelles Her Majesty pumps (similar here and here)

Those of you who have been around since the good ol' days will remember this backdrop. On Friday I went home for some family time and commencement ceremony number two this month. Whew! I hadn't intended to be this busy with social obligations. Finally after Loststravaganza 2010 I had a chance to sit down and set about into my regular blog habit.

I have SO MUCH TO SAY about tonight's episode. I am interested to hear what everyone else thought! I'm certainly glad I am not a total Lostophile, but I am pretty into the series. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole 2.5 hours I spent glued to the TV set, and I was glad to be near people who were as into it as I was.

This is my last minute contribution to the end of florals week! I did some research to verify that gingkos were considered flowers--I mean, sort of. It is a bit of a stretch, but my mother approved, and that's one opinion that I always take very seriously.

ETA: There are a few spoilers in the comments! If you recorded the ep on your DVR or were too busy to see it last night, cover your eyes!


  1. ooh~ i love love love this outfit!

  2. love the outfit! and yes, LOST was pretty amazing, even though they left a few things unanswered. but what could i expect really? not sure how much i should say at this point because the west coast is watching it at this very moment.

  3. Aimee--Oh I didn't even consider that! I'm always trying not to spoil things for people since I hate when people do that!

    But whoa, some of the moments I was definitely screaming at the television and trying not to cry in front of a room full of people.

  4. cute dress! i'm an avid reader of yours but rare commenter...but had to say, i was sorta disappointed by the lost finale! i won't give much away (for the west coasters/dvr-ers, as the previous poster pointed out!) but aside from leaving a ton unanswered (which i could have lived with) i think they chose the easy way out and went where they said they wouldn't go! if that makes any sense?!

  5. What type of camera do you use!!

  6. Jinah - I so called Smokey losing his 'power' when the power source was cut off. But not sure why Jack wouldn't have become Smokey after sitting in the cave when he corked it back up. ?! Also, how did he get out of the cave? They never explained that. And they never did explain WHAT the island is. hahaha!
    And somehow I'm satisfied with this ending. Hm.

  7. Anon--There is that group of serious hardcore fans who analyzes every clue in the show. Like they find the numbers hidden in each scene and point out reflections of dead people in mirrors. I feel like they are going to be so disappointed with this ending! I felt like the end was built up to this monumental conclusion where all the loose ends would be tied up and really so much was left out. I got really irritated with the writers during the recap program before the finale.

    Taj--These shots were taken with a Canon Powershot SD1100 IS. You can get really great shots out of this little camera just by using the right settings!

    Aimee--I didn't get why Jack or Desmond didn't become the smoke monster!! Everyone I watched it with assumed that the underground light cave transported him out the same way the room with the wheel transports people into the desert. Which still isn't explained or makes sense! I'm waiting for discussion (maybe backlash?) from bigger Lost fans reveals some interpretations of what the island is. I suspect the Christian overtones (undertones?) were explained but I just didn't get it.

    I did think the "Christian Shepherd" joke was funny and that it did make sense as he led them out of the church. I got frustrated because only some characters were there! It felt as if only the actors who could make it were present or something.

  8. This is such a beautiful dress! I love the way it flutters at the hem and all the lovely layers!

    xo Jenny

  9. Beautiful outfit! Love your bag!

  10. LOVE this dress! The layers and frills are just to die for! James and I spent our night under our rock last night and didn't partake in LOST finale-ing, but I did hear it didn't answer any questions! That's such a drag.

  11. re:why only some characters were in the church scene--this sorta annoyed me too, but in retrospect, i think only those that were at peace with themselves were able to move on (ie, assumingly from purgatory to heaven, tho' i thought religion wasn't supposed to be a factor in the finale?!)--that's why ben opted to stay back (i think he still had some soul searching to do about his daughter etc). not sure why aaron was still an infant tho?! wasn't he like 3 or 4 when kate et al returned to the island for the second time?

    i think the writers had said no, but i kinda wonder if they're planning on some big screen wrap ala 'x-files' to be released in a couple of yrs that will address the unanswered?

    on an anthro note-i won the CLC peach print skirt on ebay that i've been salivating over since you wore it in an ootd! yay!

    stef (aka anon@1.49am!)

  12. I want to steal this complete outfit from you! You look so summery, fun, and sophisticated!

  13. LOVE this dress! i thought the finale was great, but i guess i'm easy to please. to the people who still have questions, i would say: they crashed on a wonky island. show. over.


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