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Wednesday, May 26

Summer Fashion on a Budget



Outfit details:
Forever 21 Smooth Stone necklace, $5.80
Forever 21 foldover city tote, $29.80 
Target Kimono Sleeve Dress, $15
Target CV Wedges, $29.99
This morning I decided to include a Look for Less option for yesterday's outfit. I went to go do the same for today's when I realized, well, I am wearing the budget option! Admittedly, yes, the whole shebang comes to like $80, but that's less than $100, which is more than you can ask for in those glossy editorials for recessionistas.

I reached for this dress over anything else in my closet due to the insanely humid days we've been having in Atlanta. There is nothing I'd rather be taking humidity bath in than an easy jersey dress. No layers or major accessories required.

And as for the shopping trip I alluded to earlier? Full success. Our favorite retailer (Anthropologie, duh) had some secret markdown action going on!! Honestly, I was so caught up in the new arrivals that I didn't try very hard to scope out what went on sale. It looks like Sara has compiled a list of things she spotted, though. (ETA: Kim just added a list of confirmed sale items at Anthroholic!)

The store I visited had the Circle the Globe skirts and Vappu dresses in and they are soooo good in person! I took home one of each (basically free with a few exchanges!). I couldn't help myself. For those of you with last year's Jacqueline Dress and the Thousand Days (?) Skirt, I think these are different enough to justify having both. The Vappu dress is a lot longer and has a different feel, in my opinion.
Anthropologie, Anthropologie
So pretty!!

I ended up with a 2 in both items. I guess I am a growing girl as my waist and bustline both seem to have expanded. In the 0 the buttons were pulling in the dress--it's a real placket, so busty ladies might want to be careful with sizing. And the skirt I could have sized down, but I wasn't sure if my food baby would agree.

And there was one thing I had my fingers crossed for on this shopping trip--the pretty little  Parker blouse with boats on that Blair was wearing in the season finale of Gossip Girl. HUGE score at Barney's Co-Op. I found one hiding on the rack for 50% off! Ignore the scary white Barney's mannequin and focus on the awesome print.

Life goal: be like Blair.

I got my shop on today since I'll be busy nonstop come Friday. I poked around at Nordstrom and J. Crew in addition to these 2 stops, and the goods are already marked down for the weekend.  It looks like some of you ladies are in for some happy shopping this 3-day weekend!


  1. That's a gorgeous dress. I love it.

  2. I can't wait to see you in the Vappu Dress and Circle The Globe skirt. Cute (and cheap!) outfit today- I thought those shoes were a "no" in person but now that I see them on you all I can think is "YES!"

  3. Love the OOTD! you would never even know everything cost under $100! way to go! i'm also glad to hear that you loved both the vappu dress and circle the globe skirt (i have both - in the same colors - on my wishlist)! AND - that blouse is pretty awesome (i laughed really loud at your manequin comment & woke up my 3 month old - oops!) i could see that styled SO many ways. anyway, have a lovely evening :)

  4. Seriously- my goal in life is to be like Blair too. I'm so jealous of your great score!


  5. I'm such a jerk for not telling you in person today but those sandals looked great on your feet! Thank you for thinking out of the box by getting those and the yellow ones. Your choices are always very unique.

  6. Oh my gosh Jinah, your outfit is wonnnnderful! Love that cobalt blue dress on you. And you accessorized it so well. Seriously, only $15? I cannot believe it!

    I've stopped watching Gossip Girl, but I still want to dress exactly like Blair. That sailboat top is AMAZING, and 50% off is a total score, congrats! Can't wait to see you wear it soon ;)

    (BTW the Vappu dress was all pull-y at the bust for me too in my true size, I don't think it's just you!)

  7. I brought the Circle the Globe Skirt home with me too! I love it SO much.
    I also loved the Vappu Dress but couldn't choose a color - I have the Jaqueline Dress in white/navy and the In A Moment Dress in white/yellow - lol.
    You look great today -that dress is so flattering on you!

  8. this dress is lovely! it seems really comfortable!

  9. Maria--I totally felt the same way about the shoes. Technotribal seems like such a tricky trend! But they looked awesome in person.

    Aimee--Both pieces were totally worth it at full price, I felt. I know I'll get a lot of wear out of both.

    Kim--Can't wait to see what color skirt you got! I literally had both the yellow and the blue dresses at the counter and decided at the last possible moment to buy the blue. I might change my mind and switch for the yellow though.

  10. i was thinking of getting those shoes when i saw them at target, but they look soo much cuter on you!

  11. I love affordable outfits and this is a prime example! The necklace is just all kinds of awesome and looks perfect with the dress and sandals. Great choices at Anthro and really looking forward to you showcasing them.

  12. Those wedges are adorable! Will most definitely have to make a trip down to Target this weekend. ^_^

  13. TARGET? again? how am i missing these incredible shoes. i need to get my butt down there asap.

  14. I have the exact same dress Jinah! I just love the blue color and it looks really pretty on you. I picked mine up last month and liked it so much when I went back to get another they were all gone. Best $15 ever spent! And yes I agree about it being the best thing to wear when it's hot and humid out - Our Dallas weather is just like your Atlanta weather. Enjoy your weekend!
    ~ Athena


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