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Wednesday, May 12

That 70's Dress



Outfit details:
Vintage Suzy Perette by Victor Costa dress from the 70s
(similar options: here, here, and here)
MBMJ Hillier Hobo (similar here and here)
Frye boots (similar here and here) 

Day 2 of wearing my favorite vintagey frocks. I found this piece lingering in a back corner in an antique shop a few months ago. I was immediately drawn to the awesome geometric print and the adorable tie neck. I was even more amazed to discover it was a Victor Costa piece and it was in perfect condition!

I always pick up tops with a similar shape with the cute little pussybow tie but they never ever work for me. I think it's mostly due to the fact that they are 80s reincarnations and typically have crazy huge 80s shoulder pads. When this one fit perfectly (as much as I could tell over the outfit I wore that day), I had to bring it home with me.

The best part is that it is this space-age polyester blend that feels waterproof and repels stains. Too bad I found this out by spilling numerous sauces on it throughout the day. Fortunately, it moves more like silk or rayon (which are my more preferred dress fabrics).

I feel like a secret spy/secretary/flight attendant in this getup! Dressing up as a different character each day is my favorite activity. I keep waiting for it to warm up this week so I can wear my summery pieces and stage a picnic.


  1. I love your last comment because I was totally thinking you looked like a modern-day Emma Peel from the Avengers! Are catsuits and teased hair next?! :o)

    So many people are afraid of wearing bold colorful prints nowadays (myself included!) that it is refreshing to find someone not afraid to dress up in wherever their mood takes them.

  2. Wow, this is definitely a bold look! I love that you wear it with such gusto. You look adorable! I definitely get a super mod spy vibe from you in this ensemble, teehehe!

  3. i wish i could pull off half the things you wear :)

  4. LOVE this dress!!! I could never wear it to work because the kids would flip out, but if I were still a full-time student I would beg you to lend it to me. Adorable!

  5. Lisa--I'm soooo in an Avengers mood after seeing Iron Man 2!! I'm all for catsuits and badass heels.

    Maria--You can borrow it anytime, lady!! I am overloaded with wardrobe choices as it is. Seriously.

  6. 70's clothing fits me so much better than 80's too. Great dress, and of course the sleeves sucker me in. They had the best gathered sleeves w/a long cuff during that era.


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