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Friday, May 7

Back in the Saddle




Outfit details: 
American Apparel Triblend Deep V
Anthropologie Double Torsade Necklace
Kimchi and Blue ruffled cardigan (similar here, here, and here)
 Anthropologie equestrian belt (similar here, here, and here)
 Vintage skirt with dogs and horses from Minx in Athens
(vaguely similar here, and an amazing piece on eBay here)
Thrifted Ferragamo flats (similarish here and here)
Hayden-Harnett Corcovado bag (similar here, here, and here)

I'm finally back after my seemingly unending hiatus! I am incredibly glad to be done with school for the semester and enjoying my last real summer vacation. It was nice to get dressed this morning with more purpose than my study clothes--which were primarily composed of tees and yoga pants.

I think I got a little accessories happy this morning since I had the freedom to spend time picking out what to wear! I decided to start with the skirt and let the pattern dictate the rest of what I wore today. I loved that the motif is heavy in greys, browns, and navys, since I favor all of those colors to wear.

About the skirt--How jazzed was I to find this on the rack at Minx? Extremely! I've been on the hunt for a horse print skirt for ages (at least 8 years!), and I feel like the recent influx of animal patterned clothes will help facilitate more cat dresses too.

Have a great weekend, y'all!


  1. That skirt is killer. What an awesome and unique Minx find! The colors- brown and blue and ivory- so versatile! You have the best eye and the best luck with these things!

  2. if you like animals on your clothes, i just sold the cutest, vintage turtle skirt ever at rag-o-rama today. i loved it, but sadly couldn't wear it anymore. :(

  3. This outfit is wonderful! Part cute, part sexy secretary, part femme fatale. You look stunning. I love how your turned something quirky like that into something chic.

    Speaking of animal clothing, have you ever seen those Marc Jacob flats shaped like mice? I kind of want a pair... but I don't know how to pull them off without looking like a loony.

  4. Tara B.--A lot of this recent vintage and thrift shopping is due to more idle time and less available shopping funds. I think it's turning out for the best so far!

    Anon--Hmm, I'm so intrigued! I'll see if I can pop over there tomorrow between random obligations.

    Tien--Do you mean the Marc Jacobs (collection?) pointy toed flats or the Marc by Marc flats with mouse faces? If it's the latter, I have two pair and they are my favorite things. People assume that they are cats, though, since I give off a cat lady vibe?

  5. oh wow! that skirt is amazing! i love it!!!

  6. nice skirt. I came across a vintage equestrian-themed skirt on ebay a month or so ago, but someone snaked it from me at the last second! boo.

  7. What a gorgeous Hayden-Harnett bag! Do find that it's fairly light and easy to carry? I've been eyeing that bag for the longest time but have been weary of taking the plunge since getting a HEAVY (and noisy) Rebecca Minkoff MAM.

  8. What a cute outfit, love the print of the skirt, and goes so well with the belt!

  9. this outfit is soooo cute!!! I LOVE that skirt!!!

  10. As a Texas girl I love that skirt, it's awesome! Well, your whole outfit rocks Jinah! And the HH bag is beautiful, I love the color.

    Congrats on finishing school for the semester. Now you can enjoy your summer! :)

  11. Your outfit is super cute and I love the bag you styled with it?

    Do you mind sharing how sizing runs in the AA unisex shirts?

    Thanks :)

  12. Love this entire look, but especially the skirt! What an incredible find! And from one grad student to another, congrats on finishing the semester! :)

  13. tastymoog--Have you considered using an eBay bid sniper? I have way too much other stuff going on to watch all of my eBay auctions when they end and it helps me win a lot of things.

    Cindy--This is like, the granddaddy giant of h-h bags. The bag itself is pretty heavy since it is all leather. It unfolds into about a weekender size and once full it is heeeaaavy. But I will say I am very pleased with the quality of all of my hayden harnett purchases, especially the leather! If you can grab one of these lovelies, I would say go for it!

    thehalcyonlife--AA unisex sizing runs pretty true to size, I think. For women I would size down 1 size in men's (ex: if you are a S in women's, get an XS in the unisex). The tees are cut slim in the body and the women's specific line is pretty small in general. Hope this helps!

  14. You always look so great in these pictures. That skirt is adorable, and I'm still spinning with jealousy about your thrift store Ferragamo finds. :)

  15. I just came across your blog recently and wanted to let you know that i love your style! :)

  16. Oh my goodness! That skirt is fabulous. You've styled it well.

  17. The skirt is SO ADORABLE! I love it! And the pops of blue in the cardigan and the necklace just makes it so much more swoon-worthy. I love the equestrian-ish belt, too! I'm glad you found your horse-print skirt, finally!

  18. what an amazing skirt. i love how you put this whole outfit together!


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