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Wednesday, February 24

Boot Scootin' New Dress



Outfit details: Zachary's Smile for Barney's Coop dress, secondhand
(similar here and here and here)
American Apparel Thigh High Socks
Target Katherine Engineer Boots

I spotted this dress on the racks of a consignment store down the street from my house - it was brand new with the original retail tags. From Barney's. I tried it on and had to take it home with me that weekend. This is the first plaid piece I feel like I can "do" and it feels right with my favorite boots. I think it's a keeper! This outfit also has me feeling like I am missing red cowboy boots from my wardrobe. Wouldn't a pair be great with this dress?

I feel my whole wardrobe shifting lately, with a lot more vintage and Western influences. I'm still culling a lot of things to donate and sell, and with the whole not shopping business, have had to shop my closet more. This is going to be an interesting experiment, to say the least.

Did anyone else give up new clothes shopping for Lent?

And on the brand:
Zachary's Smile is a NYC-based line of reworked vintage and signature designs in unique patterns. Some of you might remember that Anthropologie carried the brand's exclusive African wax-print dresses last year. Their NYC and LA shops stock well-curated vintage pieces in addition to their house brand clothing. I'm still dying to get my hands on my own wax-print dress! Hopefully I'll be able to scoop one up on my next trip to the City!


  1. That dress is stunning Jinah! What a lucky find. And I kind of think red cowboy boots would be fabulous with it too :)

    I've noticed a western-y shift in your wardrobe too. Style evolution is kind of fascinating to me :) My own has changed so drastically from two years back, I dress far more girly and vintagey (while still remaining too lazy to buy any actual vintage).

  2. great dress!! love the touch of plaid. you look fantastic and i am glad to see you wearing your boots, gives me more ideas!

  3. Love the dress, love that teal color paired with the rust-ish tights. I'm in awe of your vintage-thrifting abilities. I tried to do the whole vintage shopping thing, but I've only had bad experiences so far (musty-smelling clothes, mom-clothes, odd sized clothes, and one time an old guy bit me at this store in Athens, Ga)

  4. That dress is awesome and looks great on you.

    You have to fill us in on where you go thrifting/vintage-finding. I'm like Tara, I usually have no luck at thrift shops (though I don't typically getting bitten, ack)and my closet is too mainstream-labeled.

  5. I love that dress and I love your blog! I'm a good friend of Lesley's at homemade grits and I found your blog through hers . . . keep the great fashion finds coming! :)


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