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Sunday, February 7

Sunday Etsy Love 02.07.10

This week's theme: Whimsy.

Sometimes I poke fun at Zooey-Deschanel-loving, ukelele-playing, soft-focus-filtered whimsy that fills certain parts of the internet. But in actuality I'm really into cupcakes and frills and wish I looked like and could wardrobe myself like Zooey too.

Here are my favorites for this week. They will all look great in your house with all of your kittens and glitter and jellybeans. I mean that totally unsarcastically. My house is filled with these things.

Things to look at while playing songs on your uke.

Clockwise from top left:
  1. Good Time Ring by yellowgoat, $78. Still hanging in there for the reissue of Polaroid film? This ring is a good fix in the meantime. Available in both gold and silver, this is the original photo ring. Adorable, and you can instantly make it your own. Actually everything else in the yellowgoat shop is achingly cute. Check out her blog while you're at it. Too good.
  2. Unicorn no52 by penguinandfish, $65. Sometimes I balk at plushies because I find it a strange thing to market to 18-35 year olds. But seriously, these unicorns. Anything unicorns really just gets me going. If this color scheme doesn't float your boat, there is a whole parade of unicorns to choose from. Great for your home if you still haven't found your real unicorn out there.
  3. Cupcake Trinket Box in Aqua Mint by fruitflypie, $25. This little ceramic box is a great size for rings, your button collection, candy, or all of your secrets. Each piece is made to order, and you have a ton of choices with frosting and "paper" colors. Check out the rest of the Etsy shop for vintage owl banks, adorable kitchen tsotchkes, and cookie jars.
  4. Bookmark Friends by lisforlemonade, $8. I've been diving back into reading books this year, and the idea of having a little friend smiling up at me everyday gets me more excited about reading. My girl Jess debuted these at the last ICE show, and I think they are so so perfect. Other uses include: bookholders for when you go to the library, plant friends for your indoor gardens, and great little surprises to tuck into hidden places with secret notes. I like to leave notes in planners and current bedside reading books on occasion.
What are your favorites this week?


    1. I totally dig the ring. What a great way to show your mood or personalize something.

    2. Oh my gosh.. I've been wanting that polaroid ring for so long... :)

      xx Love & Aloha


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