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Tuesday, February 16

Fat Tuesday 2010



Outfit details: Bespoke Shirtdress by Isabella Sinclair (style #933148) (similar here)
Target Kady Boots (similar here and the original inspiration here)
Vintage satchel (try searching vintage D&B or leather satchel for similar)
Polka dot tights from Target (similar here) 

Happy Fat Tuesday, y'all! I wish I could indulge in some yummy feasting tonight, but unfortunately I have to work late. This is a quick post before I run off to work!

After my post about the Gelateria Blouse, I decided to use my Google-Fu and see if anymore of the Bespoke Shirtdress were secretly available on the Anthropologie site. There was an XS and a S left right after I made that post, guys! On sale, for 50% off. I ordered it right away as an early treat for myself with my tax refund. When I opened the box, the plastic bag the dress came in even said "Trovata shirtdress." And of course I couldn't help throwing one other goodie in the cart, which you'll see me wear very soon!

Also, this is my latest thrift score--a leather schoolboy satchel. I still have a Mulberry Alexa fund tucked away that I'm slowly adding to, but I'm trying to talk myself out of it because of the hefty price tag. Luckily, vintage and thrift options are plentiful. I came across this but originally had in mind more of a vintage Dooney and Burke or Coach kind of bag. But at less than 1/100th of the price of the real thing I'm lemming for, I couldn't really say no. It's all leather and is the perfect size for me.

While I'm out, I think I'll try once more to use my J. Crew gift cards before Lent. The Lenten season keeps me more motivated than other times to give something up. I'm going to tell myself no to shopping (well, atleast for clothes anyway, a girl needs to eat and stay groomed!) for 40 days. Are you giving anything up this year? How do you stay motivated?


  1. Hey! So I live in Atlanta too & I am curious what thrift/vintage stores you go to? I am semi-new to the area so really know nothing about the shopping scenes...gracias!
    ps I love that dress I wish I had noticed it when it was still available!

  2. Such a cute outfit. I adore the striped sash and the polka dot tights together. The bag is such a great score!

  3. Oh, love the purse. I have one that reminds me of it a bit, it's a vintage Dooney and Bourke. It feels so sturdy! I think I like your style more than the one I have though...

  4. That purse is so perfect! :D Great find!

  5. Mary--It depends on what side of town you want to go to. I like America's Thrift Store, and (that I know of) and I go to the ones in Riverdale (South of Atlanta) and Marietta (North of Atlanta). There are random Value Villages that are decent too--there is one down Moreland and one off Memorial in the perimeter. I live really close to L5P and like to stop by Clothing Warehouse, Stefan's, and Rag O Rama every now and then too. They just opened a Goodwill in Buckhead, and I'm excited to see what the Buckhead Betties cast off!

  6. lovely outfit!
    i love your tights and your purse is so great as well! <3

  7. Hi there! I saw this shirtdress in the store over the weekend and figured I would not like it. Now, after seeing it on you, I love it! Of course, its gone from my local Anthro. Do you recall which catalogue it was in? all of your outfits!


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