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Thursday, February 25

More Navy + Gold



Outfit details: Charlotte Tarantola Field Game Cardigan
J. Crew Toothpick Ankle Cords in Soft Ochre (Now only $19.99!)
Anthropologie jeweled bangles (similar here)
H&M Wooden bangle (similar here)
Frye Lisa T-Straps (similar-ish here)
Vintage bag and belt

After dying a long, whiny, painful death, my trusty camera finally puttered out. Luckily, my man (that is sometimes) behind the camera was nice enough to lend me his until I find a suitable replacement. So far it's been an interesting journey of feeling technologically challenged and weird exposures. Please forgive me for the weird lighting and if framing is a little off. I miss my little pop out twisty screen so I could take gazillions of self-portraits!

Anyway, let's move on to the outfit. This is what I wore to have lunch with my middle sister and go birthday gift shopping for our baby sister. It was a successful trip! I hope she loves the pressies.

And it seems that I sure wear this color combination a lot. Sometimes I wonder if it's because I felt guilty for not being school-spirity enough in undergrad. I don't think I owned a single thing that was yellow or gold the entire time I was in school!

P. S. Thanks to Tara of Little Girl Big Closet for the blog award <3


  1. Oh, sorry about your camera! I know how that is - my husband took ours and I am stuck with our small cheapo one :(.

    And this is a fabulous outfit!!! I love your cardi and I'm loving your mustard cords!!!

  2. i love this color combo!! i am a huge fan of gold/yellow though.

    where did you go to school? one of my school colors was gold as well

  3. I'm loving this picture set, so cutesy! I've been on the fence about that cardigan for what seems like forever (at least in my instant gratification shopping universe.) Your hair looks adorable, fresh and chic ^^

  4. I love your shoes! Navy and gold is also one of my favorite combos... and my school colors (only for me, it was my elementary school, not my college).
    the renegade bean

  5. I love how you matched your nails with your outfit too. :)

  6. Aw, those cords are the perfect length. I love ankle cropped jeans even if my legs are too stumpy to really wear them! And good luck with your camera :)

    xo Jenny

  7. You look great in that cardi, and wow, you rock some awesome legs, girl!

    ::Sigh:: My BF doesn't have the patience to take photos for me. I am forced to do the self-timer and run routine.

  8. Eeek, my camera died last year before Boyfriend gave me a new one for Christmas. Actually, it was in the long process of dying for the past 2 years and he gave me a new one and said, "It's time to let go of your old one." Hahaha... Hopefully you find a new one soon! I love those ankle cords on you, and the color is stunning. I like the navy and gold combination! At least your school had sweet colors! Mine was red and white. You know, Santa Claus colors.

  9. I really need that cardi.. gosh, you're such a cutie. :) and great deal on those cords!

    xx Love & Aloha.

  10. You are making me want that cardigan so, so, so bad! Love this outfit- it's casual, but still pretty. :)

    Sorry to hear about the camera, though! Such a bummer. It takes me ages to get used to new ones- I'm still learning with my 5D (and have almost no real idea what I'm doing- thank god for Photoshop) and I've had it for nearly a year and a half. :|


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