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Friday, February 5

Garden Wall Quilt, Part 2


My first block that is coming together.

This is what I have for my first block (1 of 9) of my quilt. The sewing part is quick, but the constant pressing of tiny seams is taking up a lot of time.

Also I'm feeling doubtful about all of the patterns and colors working together, but we can't be sure until everything comes together. I'm thinking with the right color sashing and binding it could still look great. Just like how in outfits a great accessory can be the perfect finishing touch that ties all of the elements together.

To get an idea of scale, that is a regular 8.5"x11" sheet on the left and on the right is my first block in three sections. These things are huge! The pattern directions suggest sewing 9 separate squares, then those 9 into 3 rows before sewing it all together. I might have to work in twos instead in order to eliminate as many long seams as possible. Since all of the pieces have to be so precisely cut, any mistake in cutting becomes more obvious when sewn crooked. Working in smaller sections to build the top might eliminate my slips with the rotary cutter showing up in the final product.

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  1. It's looking great Jinah! I really like all of the colors/patterns. Keep up the good work!


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