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Saturday, February 6

Just Enough Ruffles!

Is it a knit lettuce?

Is it a knit sea monster?

Nope, it's a scarf.

This project finally went from unfinished to... well, still just almost finished last week. My veteran readers might recall this post from literally a year ago when I started it. I'm very happy with how it turned out.

It was actually a very quick knitting project with minor use of complicated techniques. I think it's even suitable for beginners. You will have to do some short rows and stitch increases, but there are many many tutorials and videos to help you through it. I actually made a mini ruffles scarf (about 80 stitches c/o) with practice yarn to get the techniques down.

I chose Malabrigo worsted-weight yarn in their lovely grey Pearl shade. In all it took about 1.5 skeins of yarn and less than 12 hours to knit up. The pattern is by Laura Chau, and it is available for purchase on  her blog and on Ravelry for $3.50. She did her sample in Pearl grey as well!

I think this would also look fabulous in deep saturated colors such as a burgundy or teal. I might just whip up another one that's drastically different. Or maybe tweak the pattern so it's ruffled all around in a rectangle.

I just need to weave in the stray ends of yarn and block it before I can take it for a spin around town. Look for this little neckwarmer in future posts! I have a feeling I'll be wearing it often.


  1. oh wow, that scarf looks so very pretty. how wonderful. x

  2. Nicely done!!! And yeah right I could never make that. I can't even make a regular scarf without messing it up!

    I think it would look great in teal!!


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