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Monday, February 15

Snowy Snowscape



Outfit details: J. Crew Jackie Cardigan in Seashore Green
Corey Lynn Calter Mona Beaded Tank (Anthro's "Snowscape Tank")
Uniqlo skinny jeans (similar designer denim here and trend priced option here
Target Katherine Engineer Boots

It snowed quite a bit in Atlanta this past weekend, and despite how little mental and wardrobing preparation I have for Winter weather, I wasn't going to just write off my plans! I pulled out my trusty boots and tromped into the snow drifts Saturday morning. I wear these all the time already, but considering the rest of my boot collection is leather-soled, they are my only non-wellies option for warm tootsies in inclement weather.

Here is the product of my indecisive shopping trip to the Crew--a fun new teal Jackie cardigan. I thought it would be fun to pair the bright turquoise with my neutral Snowscape Tank for the snow day. I wanted to wear something girly and fun for Valentine's weekend date activities, but didn't want to wear anything that could get water spots or would be inhibiting in case I slipped on ice patches.

It was a success--this getup made it through brunch at Sun in My Belly, vintage clothes shopping, cupcake snacking, and a late shift at work. Speaking of vintage, I have been thrifting and consignment/resale store shopping a lot lately, and am excited to share my finds over the next couple of days!

I heard that something like 49/50 states got snow this year! Are you having a weird winter where you are?


  1. SUCH a cute outfit Jinah! And that cardigan! I have been secretly lusting after that Seashore Green color Jackie after seeing it in store, and I have never been tempted by a Jackie evah. Maybe I should just breakdown and buy it with my rewards card already, huh? Even though this weekend, after realizing my poor closet bar was not capable of holding all my cardigans as it was, I just told myself I can't buy another cardigan. But that color! Perfect. Maybe just one last one...

    49/50 states? That's amazing. No snow where I am, but I'm sure California had snow in the mountains as usual. What's the only state that didn't get it this year? Hawaii?

  2. You look great! I have the Snowscape tank, but haven't worn it. I broke down and bought it after seeing it on all you lovely bloggers!

  3. You can really rock those Engineer boots. I love the whole look on you, the turquoise is a surprising pop of color.

    The only cool thing about the weird weather in the ATL over the weekend was that there was no waiting at the Original Pancake House on Saturday and IKEA was almost empty. Yay to 4WDs!

  4. such a pretty color on you! i love that top too, i regret not buying it!

    and those boots are my favorite! how do you think they run? i keep waffling on buying them (it's been forever, they're probably sold out)

    i thought it was crazy that ATL got so much snow! yikes

  5. I have this tank as well and haven't worn it yet. It looks beautiful with the aqua cardi.

  6. Anjali- My cardigan drawer is overflowing and I let myself get this cardi...The color really is so fab!

    Tien and DEA--I realized I hadn't worn my tank very much either and pulled it out and spun it in a Kim-inspired manner.

    Rosa- I'd say the boots run true to size. I wear a 6-6.5 in most shoes, a 6.5 in all Target shoes, a 37 in European maker shoes, and bought a 6.5 in these. I could get my feet into the 6, but went with the bigger size considering how thick the leather was and how easily my legs chafe. I think they're still fully stocked on the website! You can throw something else in to get free shipping with free returns to Target stores.

  7. i love the outfits jinah...
    u look fabulous..
    great job..

  8. AGH, I love the teal and the snowscape top together! SO ADORABLE! The "tough" Engineer boots really bring it all together, too. And we definitely had a weird winter here in Texas. We got snow last year, which is REALLY unusual for my city in particular since it's so close to the Gulf. It snowed again this year too, though more in central Texas.

  9. Well, I like everyone else that has commented LOVE the color of that cardigan! The only JCrew clothing I own are a few pairs of their matchstick cords (which I find run small). I've always admired their cardigans & maybe it's time I purchase one. Would you say the fit is TTS?

    Speaking of weird winter weather we have definitely experienced that here in Dallas. Our winters are usually mild & if their is any chance of snow it's always sleet. But this winter actually feels like a "real winter" - last Thurs/Fri we had 10 inches of snow! We hit a record for snowfall! That was the 3rd time for us to have actual snow this season which is unheard of. We've really enjoyed it, especially my 9 yr. old son.

  10. I love how fancy your top is! I also really like the color of the sweater you decided to pair with it. Really nice. :)

  11. Athena--I find that J. Crew's knits run true to size and sometimes big. I wear a size 0-4 in most brands, and all of my J. Crew cardigans are XS. The Jackie cardigan fits me the same way most of the cardigans that Anthropologie fit me. Hope this helps!

  12. words can not describe how much I love this color combination...the pale pink/champagne of the tank against the vibrant it ok for me to buy yet *another* jcrew cardi? sigh...

  13. Thanks for the helpful info Jinah! :)


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