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Sunday, February 21

Sunday Etsy Love 02.21.10

This week's theme: Snail Mail.

I love sending and receiving little tidbits in the post, and fun stationery and writing kits make it an even better experience. I constantly keep a stockpile of blank notecards for every occasion, and pick up more whenever I fall in love with a design. Here are some ideas to get your own writing desk stocked.

Six reasons to find yourself a penpal.

Clockwise from top left:
  1. Rose Wax Seal Stamper by waxseals, $15. A beautiful little touch to any stamped envelope is the addition of a seal. I still get letters every so often that are sealed shut, and I can't help but feel extra-special when I see those envies! This seller even gives you the option to create your own seal stamper--wouldn't a unicorn or a peacock be so fun?
  2. Chevron Valley Stationery Set by avie, $15. A local favorite of mine, Avie creates beautiful paper products. These notes will be a perfect addition to my stationery desk. The chevron-heavy sheet? That's the envelope! Also check out her other wares--Avie makes wedding invites as well as the most adorable calling cards.
  3. 10 Personalized Flat notes in Peacock by MichelleBrusegaard, $17.50. I'm drawn to anything shiny and embellished with a peacock. These personalized notecards just feel so magical. I think they would look great with your name, or even a simple "Thank you" across the top. Also check out her matching business and gift enclosure cards!
  4. Faux Wax Sticks Sealing Wax by waxseals, $4.50. Now, I don't know if you were imagining using your new sealing stamp with a candle of sealing wax. In these modern times, many retailers offer this faux wax alternative. The best part? The sticks are specifically designed to go in a regular glue gun! No fire necessary and less mess? Sounds fab to me.
  5. The Winston Scroll Custom Address Stamp from onyourmarkstamps, $23.95. Your notes won't be complete without a return address! While some people opt for sticky labels, I much prefer a pretty little stamp. I love the font choice and flourishes on this one, but there are plenty of other options in this Etsy shop!
  6. DIY Inspiration kit by nicepackage, $10. And finally, for the Francophile in me and you and everyone you know, there is this nifty little kit! Aptly named the "I Left My Heart in Paris" kit, I think it would be perfect to tuck into your passport and send love letters back home when you are travelling. Or with some tea-staining, this could also be a really cute shadowbox project for a rainy day.

When was the last time you mailed a letter to somebody? Why not write someone special this week?


  1. The faux sealing wax is so awesome! When I was in grade school, I had a little seal with my initial and a stick of gold sealing wax that I bought from Papyrus. I don't think my Mom knew I had it, because she didn't even let me keep scented candles in my room. The idea of being able to use a hot glue gun to seal a letter is awesome! I knew I made a bunch of messes with my wax stick.
    I love sending packages with little things of stationary in them, too, but unfortunately none of my friends seem too interested in snail mail, so it's hard to arrange exchanges :-(. I wonder if people fall into two camps -- those who like sending and getting stuff via post and those who can't be bothered...
    the renegade bean

  2. I remember the days of letter writing. I still have all of the letters that my best friends and i wrote to each other back before email...sigh

    Great post. Esty RULES!!!

  3. I love the stationary on the right!!! It is so beautiful!


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