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Monday, February 8

Bright Socks!



Outfit details: Old Navy Striped Tee (see similar here)
Cartonnier boyfriend blazer (almost identical and on sale rendition here)
Virginia Johnson Camel print scarf (available in pink here)
J. Crew Anklets in bright green (from this three pack)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Softy Saddle bag circa 2006 
(close substitute here and covetable version here)
Anthro G1 skinny pants (similar here

Aldo Varble flats

Thanks to everyone who chimed in about what goodies I should pick up at J. Crew! I'm planning on going this week after exams with a well-thought-out list of items and alternates. I'll post the haul this weekend!

I finally got these fripping socks I posted about way back when. That is how long it took for the Crew by me to restock these socks. Goodness! I'm still channeling some boy/girl looks and trying to wear this blazer as much as I can before it gets too warm to wear it.

That and I'm trying to ward off this lemming I have for the Mulberry Alexa bag. I took inventory of my handbag collection and am pulling out my schoolbag-esque and tan bags into rotation to see if there is a space or a need for another bag addition. And of course to get the full effect, I had to dress the part!

In the spirit of giving some proper care and attention to my neglected fashion accessories, I unearthed this scarf underneath a bunch of summer weight pieces in a dresser drawer. I was sooo happy to pick up this Virginia Johnson lovely. I felt like the Barney's Co-op catalog portrayed the models sporting these as so effortlessly chic and I got to secretly join their ranks.

I think I mentioned this previously on the blog, but the striped top was a Black Friday impulse purchase to cross off the famed St. James striped top from my wish list. It only sort of succeeded, and now that J. Crew carries St. James, I might just end up squandering my gift card money on one of those.

Sidenote: Now that I look at this photo again, I have all of the components to recreate this look!!

I even  have the seashell colored skirt and spotted calf-hair flats to go with the whole thing head to toe. Hmm maybe this can be my good luck outfit for my upcoming exams this week!


  1. A camel-print scarf?! :D That is so cute!! :D And I can't wait to see how you recreate that outfit, it's pretty!

  2. Adorable! I love how you make casual dressy.

  3. that scarf is gorgeous!!! you are always too cute

    and i love that jcrew outfit pictured!

  4. I love the pop of color the socks gives! You look chic and whimsical at the same time (my favorite style combo!).
    the renegade bean

  5. so daring! I love it. I've been wanting to do the ankle sock thing, too, but just never have. Next year... :)


  6. I LOVE the scarf and the teal socks!!! It's such a great way to incorporate a little bit of color.

    I can't wait to see your J.Crew inspired outfit!

  7. Wowww what a cute outfit! Total style inspiration to me. I am in love with the scarf, if only I hadn't dropped $300 at Anthro in a week, maybe I could have one myself... *weep weep*


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