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Friday, February 19

Ten..Blogs That Make Me Happy!

The fabulous Kellie of Playing Dress-Up gave me a blog award ages and ages ago. Seriously, way back in the beginning of January! And I think some of my non-fashion blogger friends tagged me to make this list even further back than that.

I guess with school starting back up I just lost track of time! Anyway, here it is, finally--with my own twist on it: instead of ten things that make me happy, I'm narrowing it to ten blogs that make me happy! I felt like my real life friends were getting horribly sick of me sharing posts through Buzz and Reader nonstop, and some of these are too good not to share.

So here they are, in no particular order-a mishmash of fashion, design, and personal stories. Click the links or the images to read these blogs!

1. A Collection a Day, 2010. This blog is a neat little project by Lisa Congdon. Each day she posts one of her collections in photograph, painting, or drawing form. It's one of the little bright spots of my day to peek at what collection she's sharing today!

2. It is Nancy's new blog. For those of you who love the Flickr group What I Wore Today: Drawings Only!, you'll adore Nancy's blog. In addition to her daily sartorial depictions, she has her own artwork and fashion illustrations. I squeal each time I find a new outfit post from her. Her watercolor self-portraits are so right on!

3. Naked in the Stacks. Rosie started this blog to document her adventures in online dating. She is a super smart and sassy lady, and I can't help but giggle and swoon as she pursues a Unicorn of a man.  A great read for those of you who are shy about getting your feet wet in online dating sites. She even adds in dating advice and lingerie suggestions! So much fun in one blog. If you want to hear the tale of her current mans, read from the beginning. It's a great story!

4. World Wide Vintagehunt. I was so disappointed when Ranna stopped updating her English blog and moved to a different address and began blogging only in Finnish. I am not Rebecca Bloomwood, okay? But an awesome redeeming event that came of all of this? She started updating her tumblr with vintage finds from different shops all over the web! Isn't everyone excited to have Ranna basically personal shop some vintage for you?

5. Very Prairie. When I started on my sewing kick, I discovered BurdaStyle (fashion sewing social networking!) and immediately began scouring the membership for sewing blogs. This is my very favorite from that search. Not only does she have awesome technical sewing skills, she makes incredible runway-inspired pieces! She hasn't updated in a while, but the archives are super inspiring. Check out the Vivienne Westwood/Polaire Vest inspired tops she's made!

6. The Greyest Ghost. Couldn't make it to NYFW this year? Yeah, me neither. You can still relive the experience, thanks to my awesome lady friend Rachel. She is my go-to girl for up-to-date fashion insider info, behind the scenes gossip, and crisp, incredible photos to accompany it all. The best part is that she is so down-to-earth! It's like living vicariously through your best friend, instead of a fictional untouchable fashion-being. She has been posting her snaps and video from shows she attended, and I cannot wait to see the rest of them! For a sneak peek, check out her Flickr photostream

7. The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Milo is not only a blast to hang out with, he has a great eye for style and loves to dress people up. And really, you have to appreciate the male fashion bloggers of the world. He's the only guy I know that can pull off white snakeskin boots, sequined blazers, and brights -- on top and on the bottom! I've really been obsessing over the mini-photoshoots he's been doing for Zoe's in Birmingham. 

8. Amtrakkin'. Meg has been talking about this trip for what feels like forever! She is documenting her Spring vacation (via train!) on this blog. The trip date is slowly approaching and I am excited to live vicariously through her! It also doesn't hurt that she is one of the sweetest, big-hearted people I know through the internet. I love her and am waiting patiently for any and all updates on her travel adventures around the country.

9. highland and ponce. Oni is one of the most naturally stylish people I have ever met. I remember first encountering her as a sales associate at one of my favorite shops and chatting about the wonderful wares they carried. Sadly she moved to the other coast before we could become the best of friends, but I am always following her online presence. This girl is a secret fashion genius, and I am always tuned into what she has to say! She blogs about her fashion inspirations and finds on her Atlanta-street-named blog. And for those of you that are intrigued, she recently made the jump from Etsy to opening her own online shop for all of us to enjoy!

10. What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? Last but certainly not least is one of my top guilty pleasure blogs. I admittedly have never seen a single episode of Glee, but I have seen enough screenshots to know that Emma Pillsbury's (a character on the show, for those of you that don't watch it either) quirky/preppy style is a huge style inspiration. This blog is so fun! There are always amazing outfit sets in really surprisingly pleasing color schemes, and I've already found a bunch of cute pieces I want to add to my wardrobe just from the reader contributions. If you are a Gleek and also happen to love Polyvore, take a look.

Happy Friday, y'all! Hope each and every one of you has a fab weekend!


    1. I look forward to checking out these blogs. Thanks!

      Hope you have a great weekend!

    2. Thank you so much for these kind words! *blush* I really appreciate it! So glad you like reading it!

    3. This is such a cool twist on the list! :D I've never heard of any of these blogs before, but I'm adding them to my reading list! I can't believe there's an entire Emma Pillsbury blog!! Amazing! :D

    4. Thanks for introducing us to these interesting and different blogs - the Nancy blog is delightful! I love her illustrations of her outfits!

    5. Great choices!

      I love your blog! :)
      - Audrey Allure <3

    6. great post! I love the collection blog and you are so sweet to shout out to other sassies. :)

    7. These blogs really are great!

      I really like yours, too. -- I subscribed!

      Will you sub to mine?

      keep up the great posts!


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