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Friday, February 26

Thread & Canvas ATL

Come out and support independent artists!

Dang, I really thought today was Thursday for some reason! I had really meant to post this earlier. I even started on a roll of Mean Girls status updates when I realized I'm one day behind.

Anyway, I ran into my girlfriend Shannon earlier this week, and we started chatting about the upcoming Thread and Canvas event. I put it on my calendar immediately after Lesley first posted about it on her blog. It actually turns out that my girl Shannon is one of the leading ladies behind this project! Um, how cool is she?

I was already all excited to go to pick up some of Lesley's wares as baby shower gifts and ooh and ahh over Kristina's goodies she's been working on. AND some Shannon time AND a party to boot? Heck yes, I'm there.

Check out their Facebook page for more info. I love supporting independent local artists, and I can't wait to catch up with a bunch of familiar faces! This is where all of your fashiony friends will be on Saturday, why not you too?


  1. wish i could be there:( have a blast! you are so sweet to be supportive! kissessss

  2. Hi Everyone! I hope all is well and I look forward to be a great contributor to this community. Feel free to introduce yourself so I can get to know you better...

  3. Certainly. So happens. We can communicate on this theme. Here or in PM.


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