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Friday, February 12

J. Crew Way to Real Way




Outfit details: J. Crew Merina Maya Cardigan (suitable alternative here)
Madewell slouch pocket tee (call 866-544-1937 to order)
Leifsdottir skirt from Kelly's Closet (only info I can find on it here, similar here)
MBMJ Mouse Flats in black/white (this season's colors here and here)
J. Crew Anklets in neon pink (from this three pack)
Rodarte x Target Knee Socks (similar texture in neutrals here)
Nine West Fairfax maryjanes (similar here)

Sorry about the brief absence this week! Like I mentioned earlier, this week was exam heavy and most of my time was devoted to studying and not blogging. And I figured the horrible death of McQueen and the sudden introduction of Google Buzz would be news and distraction enough for the blogosphere.

Here is the result of styling my outfit after the J. Crew catalog shot. Verdict? For me, the socks and shoes were way over the top. I still love the socks but think I will avoid pairing them with anything remotely black since it feels too punk rock for me to pull off.

And considering the weather forecast of, well, eventual blizzard for the day, I thought warmer hosiery was in order. If you remember the fiasco of the Rodarte + Target (Targarte?) hunt for the accessories, it ended recently. My girl Lana found the unicorn of accessories -- THE BELT hiding at her local store. Multiple, and on sale. Can you believe it?!

Until I retrieve mine from her, I have the socks as a nice placeholder. I thought I wouldn't be able to do these either, but gold socks are surprisingly neutral in comparison to the rest of my wardrobe! The socks and a change of shoes made the whole thing feel a lot more cohesive.

ETA: I did head to the Crew, planning on going on a gift card fueled spree today. As usual, I was overwhelmed by the array of choices as well as disappointed in the lack of stock in my size. I left with another Jackie cardigan and will use the balance of my certificates towards the Ruffled Zipper Cardigan and maybe another silk shell online.


  1. I love those tights and shoes on you - much better choice than the J Crew catalog styling.

    Can you believe the weather today in Atlanta?!

  2. That's the Leifsdottir Conch Shell skirt from Anthro....omg I would KILL for that skirt, it's sofa king gorgeous!
    Love today's outfit, so, so chic!

  3. The pattern on that skirt is so amazing -- it looks like it's 3D.
    the renegade bean

  4. Fun! I don't think I would pull it off but it is fun to look at! And the Rodarte belts were SO hard to find, I remember my elation after hours of calling and store-hopping when I found one. Twas a good day. hehe. :)

  5. Can you please help me find that skirt? I really, really, really want it!


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