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Friday, May 16

5-14 outfit

So I have been feeling icky and sick in bed for the past couple days, which is why there is a serious lack of posting. This is a variation of my "go-to" outfit - deep v, skinny jeans, flats, cardigan if it's cold. I own a frighteningly large collection of deep-v's. One of my friends claims my "uniform" is a deep v, leggings, an oversized cardigan, and moccasin boots. Possibly yes...

I borrowed my sister's camera for the day, know that it could produce higher quality photos, but I think these turned out like total crap. You get the gist.

This jacket is tailored to be worn in a prim proper way, but hello, it's zebra print. On linen, but still!


Attempted detail of jacket:



Top, AA; skinny jeans, earnest sewn; boots, Minnetonka; zebra linen jacket, J. Crew; sunnies, Ray-Ban.

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