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Monday, May 19

Rogan Gregory for Target

When I first saw the collection preview pictures, I was pretty unimpressed. All of the pieces are quite basic, in colors I don't really like to wear. But then I saw the advertisement photoshoot with the mirrors... And then I saw the mannequins dressed in Barneys... And then I kept going to different Targets each day hoping they'd put it out early.

Everything looks so much nicer in person! A lot of the cuts and styles still aren't my taste, but it looks great on. The safari style dress is really nice and fits well. I couldn't figure out the tie like they have in the photos.

The material is a brushed cotton twill that feels like it will wash and wear perfectly. The tie belt is actually solid black on one side and snow leopard print on the opposite. How they made that bow is beyond me.

I loved all of the linen plaid pieces. The babydoll dress and this top were both perfect. The detailing with the pattern and seaming are really interesting.

And this romper/playsuit is really cute in person. I think it is much tamer and more wearable than the other onesies in my closet.

Rogan Gregory for Target at


  1. this is my fav GO collection. the jumper is really cute!

  2. i've been eyeing that romper. i can't wait to try it on!


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