Bonjour it's Jinah!

Friday, May 30


On my way out to meeting up with the girls. I tried on every pair of shoes I have with this outfit and none of them sufficed. I had intended on getting new shoes and maybe one of those Timmy Woods Eiffel tower bags for this evening. Oh well.

I'm still so happy about this dress. I snatched it up when the Zara here first opened. All of the lady managers and corporate people wear things like this on a daily basis. So glammy glam glam!

So I guess for tonight I'm a Charlotte. I don't think I have the shoes to be a Carrie and honestly didn't feel like dressing corporate at all tonight.


Dress, Zara; wedges, Nine West; gigantic clutch, MBMJ.


Bonjour y'all! Thanks for stopping by.

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