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Monday, May 12

Happy Mother's Day!

My boyfriend says I was "dressed extravagantly" today. To the point where I drew stares going to the store, into work, and generally just going about my daily business. I forget sometimes that I don't live in the most fashion-y part of the world, and people are surprised to see so much color and pattern.

Whatever, I love this dress and am so happy it is warm enough to wear now. My coworkers have started asking where I get parts of my outfits everyday, and it's so funny when I respond, "Target," almost every time. They don't believe me.

Oh and while on the subject of "the blogosphere makes me buy things," check out the shoes... I got an email saying Zappos and FINALLY restocked the Heech wedges this week (GEEZ!). I'm glad I am ridiculous and insisted on getting them in March.

Sundrenched, on the way out the door to work.


My go-to handbag for daytime. I obsessed and obsessed over this for weeks before I caved and bought it (caving = bloomie's sent me a good enough coupon, lol). I looooove this bag.

And one to show off how extreme my bedhead hair was today. Oh my.

Tunic dress, Jovovich Hawk for Target; gladiator wedges, Nine West; crochet belt, Forever21; saddle bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs; sunnies, H&M.

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