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Wednesday, May 7

Mmm... Let's buy some shoes

So after Agathe posted about these shoes in Style Bytes, I immediately scoured the racks of shoes in the women's section at work. When I saw they were $99 (ouch), I waffled for a bit because I'm inept in heels and that was steep, even with my discount.

I walked out empty handed that day... And for days and days of work. As I am apt to buy things on vacation, I went to the two Zara stores I found in SF in search of the shoes. Neither had my size!

So I came home and there was one pair of 37s sitting on a shelf near the front door, so I grabbed them and now they are home with me. Hooray!

Gosh, I could make a huge post with the things the internet has convinced me to buy. Seriously, personal fashion blogs (of personally fashionable people!) make me lust after things in ways that glossies can't.



Shoes, Zara.

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