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Thursday, May 8

H&M Opening, North Point

So as I am lucky enough not to have anywhere to be on Thursday at noon, I swooped down to the new H&M to pick up some goodies. The line was out the door of the mall and into the parking deck by 10 AM! I was there to try to get some specific things (tribal print, AHEM), but there were lots of perks to being there first - free stuff, gift cards, giveaways, and of course, first choice of sizes.

The line was long, but not especially excruciatingly long.

Outside the mall.

Once we finally got inside the mall.

They handed out cards to "hold" our place in line that we got to exchange for scratch off gift cards.

Kim's dress, Jovovich-Hawk for Target (I lol'd when I realized I just wore the same one).

Of course they gave out free stuff. This nylon tote was pretty sweet. It has a zipper pocket..

And it's reversible!

I got this extra tote with my purchase. This looks similar to the ones offered to shoppers at other H&Ms, y/n?

With the gift card and a few things I returned from SF, I made out with quite a good bit of stuff. Fashion post to follow either this evening or tomorrow morning!

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