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Monday, May 12

Atlanta Cupcake Factory

It's not too often I venture into the cute little boutiques and eateries tucked away in Atlanta. I have my favorites mentally bookmarked and stick to those most of the time. Unfortunately this method involves me not trying a lot of new things. Not that it's that easy living so far from the city either.

I happened to pop into the new Young Blood Gallery space to poke around (so many cute things I'd only before seen on the internet!) and noticed a sign for the Atlanta Cupcake factory. I remembered the Daily Candy write up a little while ago, but never happened to make it over to the Highlands.

And cupcakes are so trendy now and served almost everywhere - I went on a cupcake mission in New York when I was there in February and really to me they all seemed more or less the same in quality. I always get a cupcake at West Egg Cafe when I'm there for brunch - who can resist a Coca-Cola flavor or grasshopper or hummingbird cupcake? Yum.

But oh man, I stepped into the tiny shop with no expectations... And they were good! Great, in fact. The cakes were buttery and moist without an artificial flavor taste, and the frosting was amazing! Normally I hate frosting - it's too sugary most of the time and tastes like this weird mix between chalk and powdered sugar with extra sugar thrown in, ick. But the frosting was light and just really yummy.

They do custom orders and they take bulk orders for special occasions. I will surely come back soon!

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