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Friday, May 16

today's outfit

This is really just another variation of the same outfit. I loved the shirts they were selling at the Radiohead show! I chose this one because it references Bodysnatchers and Jean-Dominique Bauby in one go.

The jade green jeans I obsessed over for weeks and weeks last year and finally caved right before I left for Europe (read all about it, May-August 2007). The only thing about them is they make me feel like an encased sausage. From what I've heard, this is what Tsubi/Ksubi jeans are simply like. Oh well.

And all my coworkers commented on my shoes. Most of them were like, "You finally got them!" Lol.


I need to work on my posture. This was not a hunched shoulders couture pose.

With my trusty cardigan.

Tee, radiohead merch; jeans, Ksubi; shoes, Zara; cardigan, AA.

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