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Saturday, May 17

The Express Dress

After seeing Baby V in this dress in the June 08 issue of Glamour, I immediately wanted it.. Nevermind that it's from Express and every other girl that goes to the mall will own it. Nevermind that it's probably made of polyester and the matching belt kind of sucks. It is super cute.

I tried it on today and it fits perfectly, and it has this hot exposed zipper down the back, but it just looks cheap on me! It's actually 100% silk, but it's not the color, but idk, it was horrible. It looked like a Forever 21 reject dress on me. I don't know why, but lately I have not been able to associate items from on the rack to on a female form properly. I can dress men, and that is why I still have a job, lol.

The thing is, my little sister tried it on, and it looks perfect and adorable on her. I'll probably buy it when/if it goes on sale anyway.

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