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Thursday, May 29

Fascinating New Thing: FitFlops

So maybe you've seen these already. I first spotted them in the Victoria's Secret catalog, and thought, hmm that's interesting. Interesting, yes, but also pretty ugly. Then I saw the article in this month's Elle: The No Work Workout, which was primarily about a workout routine based on lying down. But they also featured these.

The "Aurelia" gladiator inspired Fit Flop. These are supposed to be super exclusive and hard to get.

They say they work out your legs and glutes by simply wearing them and walking around. I'm skeptical, but really really curious. Maybe I'll spring for these?

The "Fringe" style in Ecru. The shape is the same but they feel less like trainers.

At $50-60 ($180?, for the gladiators) a pair, it's so much cheaper than a fitness class or gym membership. Not that I'd expect you'd get a full body workout, this is an interesting alternative.


  1. Dear Jinah, in your blog dated May 28, 2008, you talked about the Fringe FitFlop Ecru sandals. Do you know if this style is still available?
    If anybody out there would like to sell me a pair of size 8, new or used, my e-mail adress is Thank you.

    Montreal, Canada

  2. I have FitFlops. I don’t care if they exercise my legs or not- these are by far the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. I don’t notice them making me work any harder when I walk. After a day of slight discomfort between my toes, these things broke in really well, and now they feel like I’m not wearing shoes at all, except that they cushion my feet when I walk and stand(which I do all day at work.). I love them.


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