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Friday, June 26

LC in the EC


I have yet another confession to make.

I am totally into so many things my 17 year old sister is into. This includes, and is not limited to, the latest pop music, RPattz, celebrity gossip, and of course, The Hills. So who was I to say no when she asked if I wanted to go meet Lauren Conrad at her book signing?

Needless to say, I was excited.



There were so many girls there, it was insane. I felt so horrible for the regular bookseller staff because the store was completely trashed. I had even intended to purchase a few other books since I was at the bookstore, but the aisles were all packed with people and were not navigable. I realized later on, that it would have been pointless anyhow as all of the shelves were in disarray from the crowds.

It was super fun chatting with all of the excited fans while we were all waiting in line. When Lauren showed up, it was chaos - the screaming and flashbulbs were so intense. Being pap'd all the time must be so scary!

Shortly after her arrival, the crowd was organized into a huge line snaking through the entire store. It moved really quickly, but we found out we were not allowed to take photos with her or have her personalize messages. Otherwise I would have creeper photos to back me up when I say she's really cute and tiny and has pretty hair in person.

For some reason I was really starstruck and flabbergasted when it was my turn to walk up to her. My sister cowered behind me and whispered, "She looks so perfect!" It was hilarious. Despite our random bouts of shyness, it was a super fun time. I haven't been in such a girly giggly environment in months!

I'm only slightly disappointed I couldn't ask her to sign, "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!" in my copy.

Wednesday, June 17

Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale

I had to post this because I have girls ask me literally every day what brand my handbag is, who designs it, where it's from. And then I start gushing and they get bored. So anyhow, I love these bags and the quality and design details are always A+. Rebecca does a great job of designing pieces that can be everyday, special occasion, young, and mature all at the same time.

The sale starts today at 9PM EST. Click on the image for access. Melt your credit cards out of their ice blocks. Rebecca Minkoff is so hard to pass up at a great price.

Lazy Hazy days


American Apparel vneck; Levi's cutoffs; UO necklace.

This is a fun necklace I recently got from Urban Outfitters. I love the tourist implications. And yes, I'm dressed like a scrub because all I want to wear on my days off is things that are prohibited at work - here, really short cutoffs.

I've been spending my days either running around like a madwoman or lazing around. I've gone to see a couple of houses in the past two weeks and am getting really excited to live in a bigger space (my room at my parents' is tiny. A bed doesn't even fit in here!). And well after having to move so suddenly, I've taken stock of my belongings and it's totally out of control.

I don't know why or how it got so bad, but I am a hoarder to the highest degree. I found probably all of my schoolwork dating back to sixth grade in addition to back issues of magazines for the past FIVE years, an extensive mix tape collection, and supplies for hobbies I haven't picked up in years. I've decided a garage sale/massive haul to Salvation Army is in order. I casually mentioned this to girlfriends at work and they all pressed me for details. I guess they realized I have tons of stuff too. Ha.

Thursday, June 11

Back in the Swing


Tank, American Apparel; skirt, plenty by Tracy Reese;
cardigan, Old Navy; sandals, Steve Madden.

I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. It's slow coming, and I forgot how silly I felt taking photos of myself outside.

I managed to dig this skirt out of some packed boxes and get some use out of it today. I felt all rumpled - it still has the fold lines. It bothered me so much I ended up steaming the wrinkles out of it on my lunch break.

Still getting back on track. Househounting is going slowly and it looks like I'm going to be having a garage sale next weekend to pare down my things.

I promise to keep updating!!


Sunday, June 7

Sunny Days



Dress, jovovich-hawk for Target; necklace, Urban Outfitters; sandals, MTOC for Target; tote, specially made.

This is what I wore to go house hunting a few days ago. Long term readers might recall this backdrop. My parents have been kind enough to let me move back home until I find another place to live. I forgot how much I love the lighting in the backyard.

There seems to be plenty of places available on the housing front and hopefully something great will work out soon! I feel like everything is put on hold because so many of my hobby things are scattered through dozens of boxes. I still don't know if I should be packing or unpacking!

Oh, and this tote was made by a super awesome artsy lady. It rules, and so does she.

Monday, June 1

ICE Atlanta at Centennial

I finagled a Saturday off (well I guess the daylight hours, anyway) just so I could swing by ICE Atlanta for a few hours. For some reason I've developed this ridiculous shyness in public places and didn't take nearly enough photos or chat up enough crafty people at the event.

Maybe it's just that I'm out of practice? I'm not really sure.



This overwhelming shyness (maybe it's because I am required to be more extroverted at work?) probably kept me from discovering more amazing things than I did see.

Little Golden Book journal, $13

I was excited to finally see the book journals by Ex Libris Anonymous in person. They are really kitschy and each one is a unique item made from an actual repurposed book. I have been obsessed with these for years and years -- before the blogosphere exploded. I'm talking back in the heyday of paper zines. I love that they are still going strong. Available at and buyolympia.

Teeny Tiny Compass Earrings, $118

After peeking at her wares at the ICE event in November, I was glad to have another look at Jeanne Flint's booth. She crafts really unique found object jewelry that look and feel top notch. I loved her compass pendant necklaces and repurposed subway token jewelry. You can find a selection of her designs at nakedart and by custom order from her personally.

Linty Fresh Bundle Box with two tees + belt, $50

I can't sing Eric's (of Linty Fresh) praises enough. Not only is he talented and very brave (a one man show of creative entrepreneurship!), he's the nicest guy ever. His whole setup is impressive - his designs are indeed fresh and he goes to lengths to make a transaction less business and more of an experience with Linty Fresh. I mean check out that box. Imagine the poly bags for single purchases. You should see his business card - it is lovingly designed and echoes the brand aesthetic perfectly. I love to visit, it's refreshing in so many ways. Check out his new special Atlanta tee.

Posey Bracelet, $36

I can't deny that I stop by the shopSCAD store (in Buckhead) every so often mostly to see Kathryn Riechert's sterling silver pieces. The posey rings, bracelets, and necklaces are my absolute favorite -- she does custom words and phrases and most are under $50! The rings would be really cute best friends gifts or romantic mementos (they are unisex!). You can find her pieces at shopSCAD and her etsy.

And I ran into Lesley of Homemade Grits who I absolutely adore. She, her hubs, and her precious little girl were all decked out in festival attire. Read her blog and love her too.

Did anyone else go? Is there anyone awesome I missed and can check out their wares online?
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