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Friday, August 28

The J. Crew Maya Cardigan


Merino Maya Cardigan, J. Crew; skirt, American Apparel;
flats, Jeffrey Campbell; necklace, Erica Weiner.

When the fall catalog arrived from J. Crew, I oohed and ahhed over this page.

The muted colors and the classic J. Crew silhouette translated into feminine colors and draping were perfect. And the little pink socks are a great little touch.

This was sort of the inspiration for this outfit in a different color scheme. I love the cardi so much I've been wearing it almost every day despite the 90+ degree temperatures. It's perf for going indoors where it is like an icebox. Such as all of my classroom buildings.

And maybe my higher-ups are right about hemlines... When walking to class in this skirt the other day, I found the wind to be too playful and probably exposed myself to half of downtown.

Wednesday, August 26

Over-The-Falls Tank

Tank and headband, Anthro; jeans, Diesel; sandals, Steve Madden.

Yes I'm doing that weird squinting in the bright sunlight thing again here.

I love this top. At first glance, I was kind of "eh" about it. The print is not something I normally go for, and it's jersey. Jersey, once again, not my first choice for tops that aren't tee shirts.

But it's so freaking cute on. And the really low cut t back is perfect for summers here. And I love the chiffon cascading ruffle down the back.

A+ would buy again.

I'm not really grumpy


Bodysuit as top, American Apparel; skirt, H&M; espradilles,
Anne Taylor Loft; necklace, Urban Outfitters.

The sun makes me really squinty out on my balcony! And self-timer photos are hard, y'all.

Don't make fun.

This outfit was inspired by Annabel of Blushing Ambition. I feel very old Hollywood glamour in this getup. I wore this to swish around at work and purchase some furniture.

I got this really pretty set of low tables for my bedroom to use as bedside tables. I may do a house/apartment post once I actually have a fully furnished room.

Tuesday, August 25

Pleated Pants

Tee, American Apparel; Pants, Anthro ("Precisely Pleated Pants");
Shoes, Steve Madden; Scarf, Love Quotes; Bag, Rebecca Minkoff.

Yes, I poo-poohed the first coming of the pleated/carrot pants trend. And then this pair by Idra came out. When I saw them styled in the August Anthro catalog, I had this huge urge to get them. No regrets. They are both edgy and office friendly (if/when ever I work in a corporate office environment) and really really comfy.

It was almost like wearing pajama pants out in public. Haha. Oh and I snagged a Love Quotes during the shopbop promo. This one is Marina and I love it lots.

I have a backlog of outfit posts. I will try to post a big consolidated group of outfits when I get home from class tonight. Until then.



The pants in question-

Saturday, August 22

Dreamsicle Dress


Dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs; flats, Jeffrey Campbell;
bag, Rebecca Minkoff; bangle, Jessica Kagan Cushman.

I LOVE this dress. When it came out a few seasons ago, I was dying over it. Its price, the cuteness, and how much I had to have it. Miraculously, I stayed strong and didn't get it. Even when it went on mega-sale at all my favorite haunts.

And then... I was browsing Gilt, which I almost never do due to this weakness (and who am I kidding? And all of the other random pieces I obsess over from any given designer!). And there it was. In my size. And basically 60% off. So I did it. And I don't care what you say, it was totally worth it. The dress is beautifully made of quality materials, and I got way more compliments than normal on my outfit that day.

So there, conservative dress code! My name is Jinah and I like fashunz. The End!

Thursday, August 20

Back to School


Shirt, Polo Ralph Lauren; shorts, Forever 21; kicks, Converse;
headband, Anthropologie; bag, Marc Jacobs accessories.

My first day of classes this semester, I pulled out an A.P.C. blouse and skinny jeans, thinking, oh this will be conservative enough for business school. It was not. Even though I had pulled what was the most Puritan selection of things from my wardrobe, I felt like I stuck out like the Elle Woods of business school.

During introductions, I was like, I'm Jinah and I like fashion! And everyone gawked.

The second day of school I knew better. I pulled out my most Southern sorority girl outfit I could muster. No one even batted an eye. Sad but true - I might have to continue down this path of dress in class if I want to be taken seriously.

Wednesday, August 19

Zoya Twitter promo

Zoya colors: Midori, Pasha, Loredana

Did anyone else jump on this a couple of days ago?

Zoya recently did a promotion where they promised to give away three bottles of polish for free to customers if they could hit 5000 Twitter followers.

I just got mine in the mail a few days ago and I'm really happy with the product overall. Their shtick is their polish is the longest wearing all natural polish - no horrible chemicals and it's nice to your nails.

I was skeptical because I felt like certain chemical ingredients existed in nail polish for a reason. But so far the colors I chose look amazing and my current manicure (in Midori!) has lasted four days without chipping.

Reviews on polish blogs ( and the Nailphile are two I frequent) are also glowing. At $8 a pop, they are even comparable to other salon brands. Love it.

Tuesday, August 18

Ria's Bluebird

Dress worn as top, H&M; skirt and necklace, Anthropologie;
flats, Jeffrey Campbell; inspired bag, Forever 21.

This is what I wore to grab brunch on Saturday at Ria's Bluebird. I probably edged out the skirt too much with the exposed-zip body-con top and the neon nails for work afterward, but you know what? I got enough compliments that I felt totally justified.

Brunch was delicious and tasted homemade. In a good way. Like you went over to your grandmother's house for breakfast. If your grandmother's cooking rivaled Paula Deen's. I hear the pancakes are out of this world, but I prefer a savory breakfast. I had a breakfast burrito. It was dense and full of delish and accompanied by the fluffiest little sweet potato cake. I polished off the whole plate and hope to come back for more soon. Rumor has it they're opening another location in Inman Park, which is marginally closer to my new place. Hooray!

Ria's Bluebird
421 Memorial Drive
(404) 521-3737

Monday, August 17



Tank, Old Navy; scarf and skirt, Anthropologie;
sandals, Salt Water Sandals.

What I wore to work on Thursday. I don't even know what day it is most days. Since I don't expect a typical weekend off, my weekly clock is constantly wound too fast or too slow. It might as well be Thursday today.

This is my second favorite kind of outfit. A dress is my first. But in the summer, when a dress just won't do, I like pulling a colored tank with a printed skirt. Easy for most of us Southern girls. I think everyone I know has a rainbow of tanks in their closets.

Friday, August 14

Paper Heart

A little while ago I was extended an invitation to see a special screening of Paper Heart (featuring real couple Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi). I finally got to go the other night and was pleasantly surprised.

I often get frustrated with the whimsical genre into which Paper Heart can probably be categorized. Something is usually off or missing. When I first saw the previews a few months back, I wasn't sure if I should wince or smile.

If you've missed the hype, Paper Heart is a documentary/movie about love with a twist - our interviewer/protagonist, Charlyne, is skeptical about love. What it is, how people fall into it, if she is susceptible to it, and whether it even exists. The cameras follow her as she asks real people (real, as in not actors) about love and as she embarks on a new relationship with Michael Cera (in the movie, scripted).

The documentary interviews, Michel Gondry-esque diorama re-enactments, and the scenes between Charlyne and Michael are edited together beautifully. And despite how it sounds, it's not too confusing. The overall effect is very sweet without being saccharine. I smiled through the whole thing. The most incredible bits were things that the interviewees say and the natural comedic timing Charlyne and Michael have amplified by the film edits.

And despite how both Michael and Charlyne's characters were not overtly interesting or outspoken, the movie was very tight and casually swept me along in the story. That really sealed it for me. Usually whether I like a movie and whether I thought the movie was actually good are not the same response. In this case, on both accounts, I say yes.

*This movie doesn't have Paul Rudd in it, but I think it's worth seeing all the same.

Like Magic Perfume...


Dress, Anthropologie; sandals, Miss Trish of Capri for Target;
bangle, Urban Outfitters.

This is what I wore to a screening of Paper Heart. Summer has been all about two-for dresses and wearing anything but closed-toe shoes. I especially dig all of the MTOC sandals that came out in the Spring. The leather soles are springy and perfect for long days at work!

I was so excited to snag this dress when it finally came into stores! Yes, it is basically neon traffic cone orange, but that's what makes it special. I wore it during the entirety of my Chicago trip last month. I kept joking that I was wearing orange to Orange.

Movie review to follow shortly!

Tuesday, August 11

Scalloped Edges


Tank, Old Navy; skirt, Floreat (Anthropologie); blazer, Silence and Noise
(Urban Outfitters);
flats, Jeffrey Campbell; spinner necklace, Marc Jacobs.

I still haven't unpacked enough (or have felt bold enough) to move around the house with my tripod to get better outfit shots. I literally had to move three boxes to the other side of my room to take these. The first is a little grainy, sorry.

I picked up this skirt at Anthropologie while I was in Chicago. I love it - I plan on wearing it casually for day and with cardigans and blazers for more businessy occasions. When I got home, I realized it also comes in petite sizes and considered ordering a petite so I can have it shorter. Then I recalled the recent comments I've received from my higher-ups about my hemlines and didn't. The best part? (Which I carelessly left out of the photos.) It has a chunky exposed zipper on the side.

I almost wore the blazer above with it to work today but felt too "office-y" and not whimsical enough. The boyfriend blazer might just have to wait until Fall. Or until I unpack my pants!

Friday, August 7

Things I'm Digging

With the whirlwind events of last month, I haven't really had a lot of time to shop. My friends and coworkers may disagree with me on this point, but usually a lot more thought and planning goes into any purchases than my closet (and credit card bill) implies. Maybe it was because of all of the vacation time I took (where almost all rules are off), or maybe it was because I was too busy to even snoop my usual haunts. I used to stalk all my favorite stores, boutiques, and online sample sales regularly-- mentally noting price reductions and remaining stock. I used to keep a bulletin board to plan modes of attack.

Wardrobing is tough in tough times. I guess the real reason I've fallen out of line is that I've been trying to distract myself with less expensive hobbies. But despite all the cupcake baking, designing on a dime, and being a cat lady, it's hard not to be sucked into amazing new fall things.

Starting with nails. I like to be lacquered up at all times and don't like to wear the same color all the time. Maybe this stems from my obsession with The Hills.

I looove the new matte nailpolishes. And Karen O. She's modeling here for Knock Out Cosmetics flatte polish. OPI and Zoya have also come out with incredible looking shades this season. Flat but with a shimmer, almost like wearing asphalt nails. Did anyone snag any during the Zoya Twitter promotion?

Speaking of Karen O, the model in the July Anthro catalog was styled to look so much like her! I found this to be surprisingly both hardedged and quirky, which felt very new for them. I also LOVE this month's catalog, which I just got yesterday - they pulled real people from New York, Paris, and London to be photographed in the clothing. It feels like Garance Dore, the Sartorialist, and in print form and styled very fresh and not just the preppy/bohemian/girly world traveler-whimsical woman Anthro typically portrays.

Real family. I love the genuine expressions!

Free People Corset Heels, $198 and Jeffrey Campbell Rilla, $242

Edgy but still feminine - Ann D. inspired boots at (somewhat) reasonable price points. I was dying for a pair of these last season (I so don't care if they're so last season) and almost took a crazy leap (into major debt). I'm glad I held out because I really dig the suede version.

Rebecca Minkoff 3-zip clutch, $295

Rebecca Minkoff just reels me in each season with something extra special. In the Spring it was the punchy mini minis. This season it is this hot little number. Zippers? Tassels? Chain strap? Do I really need to explain this one?

Do we love this coat? Yes. Will we be able to accept this as a substitute for the grey Manoush coat I didn't buy last season? Yes. Do I still have that photo of that charming girl wearing the coat and refer to it frequently? Yes.

The photo in question. From the Sart.

Maybe the fashion bug still has its hold on me after all. Though I must say, from this overview it looks like I'll be wearing a lot of black this upcoming season. Once I figure out where to shoot I'll start posting outfit photos again.


Tuesday, August 4


I'm back from vacations 1 and 2 in Chicago and Nassau, respectively. I'm about 80% moved in and 100% ready for school to start! The cable/internet was finally hooked up today and I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. Expect a few rapidfire posts tonight.

I've unearthed things I haven't worn in months during unpacking. Hopefully this will stir up some inspired outfits. In the meantime, I have some vacation photos up on my flickr.

bonjouritsjinah - View my 'vacation' photos on Flickriver
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