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Tuesday, October 20

Events Unfolding


Dress, Anna Sui for Target; blazer, Zara; boots,
Jeffrey Campbell; bag, Rebecca Minkoff.

I realized I hadn't posted in several days, oops!

Quick outfit - Another Anna Sui for Target frock, my Daria Morgendorffer boots, and a fresh new jacket silhouette. Some of my old pals at Zara talked me into this and it's really really fun.

This past weekend was this whirlwind birthday extravaganza and apparently I was too busy traipsing around the state to update. Will update further on that right away.

This is what I ended up wearing to the Man Shops Globe event last Thursday. Unfortunately all of my ladies bailed so I shuffled around feeling shy and didn't take any photos. The Lenox store looked amazing, and the buffet of goodies was incredible. The spread included lots of yummy fruits and cheeses and even slabs of raw honeycomb (incredible). The event was sponsored partly by Stella Artois and there were neverending glasses of beer and chardonnay to enjoy.

They aired the second episode of Man Shops Globe where Keith visits South Africa. I was lucky enough to catch the first ep on On Demand and thoroughly enjoyed both episodes. If you haven't caught the series yet, it's definitely worth a peek. Several Anthropologie fan blogs have reviews of the first two episodes if you don't have access to cable.

Sunday, October 11



Dress, Corey Lynn Calter; blazer, Anthropologie; booties, Jeffrey Campbell.

I must be insane. Currently forgoing healthy eating habits in order to purchase shoes and expensive furniture.

Well what exactly was I supposed to do here? These puppies were selling out all over the place and I knew that even if I put them on a birthday wishlist, it would be unlikely anyone could track them down anyhow.

So Lulu's fashion house had a pair left in my size. I think it was worth it. They are really impractical but add the right amount of edge or spice to my mostly conservative wardrobe. And are different enough from the Chloe ones. Not that my day-to-day involves running into people that would know what they were besides real shiny.

I'm also beginning to wish I wasn't less shy with the camera. Or lived in a little bit of a safer neighborhood. My mans keeps being like, "Why don't you go take a walk with your tripod to capture different backgrounds for your outfit of the day photos?"

To which I respond, Because I am a wuss. And I don't want my camera to get stole. And because the immediate neighborhood includes three boarded up houses and that is just too scurry for me.

Looking forward to this week! Hope everyone had a great weekend so far.

Friday, October 9

Boy Girl Party


Blazer, Cartonnier at Anthropologie; jeans, H&M;
tank (top one), H&M; boots, Target; necklace, Anthropologie.

Okay, so I folded pretty quickly and got the necklace. It didn't help that it was the *very last one* left in the store. And this outfit demonstrates my point - you can edge it out and wear it with an otherwise masculine outfit to balance it.

Oh, and I meant to talk about this but I suppose I never did. These boots. I saw them in some lookbook for a Target collection and immediately felt like gimmegimmegimme. Because am I not mistaken or do they not look pretty much identical to these?

Frye Harness 12R boots

Which have been on my fall wishlist for oh, the past three or four years?

I was in Target buying household items and happened to walk by the shoe department. And there they were. So far, I'm pleased. They're real leather, are very comfortable (which on my personal scale means, can be worn for 8+ hours up on my feet), and well, have that same cowgirl/tough girl feel as the originals. Win!

Tuesday, October 6

Current Obsession: Layered Chain Necklaces

I think it was the Glamourai's lovely creations that originally sucked me into this current obsession. She posted a DIY on how to make more or less the first piece pictured above, and then all of a sudden it kicked in.

"Oooh, I want one of those."

Sure, I like jewels. But I wouldn't say I'm a jazzy jewels kind of gal. I understand the purpose and importance of a great statement necklace, but I always felt that dainty necklaces conflicted with what I wanted my wardrobe to be (read: practical). And honestly, I was discouraged when I broke not one but two of my necklaces doing semi-heavy manual labor at work. I mean, how many impractical pieces of jewelry would get sacrificed in the course of my day?

But I digress. I am ob-sessed with the idea of a layered chain necklace.

Something about the different textures of metal juxtaposed with really girly details like a ribbon or a cutesy charm really appeal to me. And these necklaces can go from work to play--classy during the day but edgy at night paired with the right outfits for both occasions.

Now the question is which one? I spent a good chunk of my day off drooling over the amazing options. I want them all!

Friday, October 2


Jacket, H&M; dress (underneath), Erin Fetherston for Target;
shoes, Ms. Albright at Anthropologie.

So the quest for this jacket was pretty ridiculous. I'd been cutting off my trips to H&M (and Zara and Forever 21 and Target, etc. etc.) because I'm supposed to be on a shopping ban, right? And by avoiding cheap chic places I could avoid impulse spending.

And then I saw this on a girl I think it was on LookBook. Yes, I have a perfectly acceptable substitute that I love, but the idea of having a more legit band jacket jacket just wouldn't leave me alone. I went to H&M and left empty handed three times before they sold me the one that came off the mannequin in the window.

Now I can look like I'm in costume all the time.

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I've been struck down with sickness and all the time I've spent out of bed has been in haphazard outfits since I have been getting dressed more or less in the dark.

Thus the overly costumey outfit. Oh well. Atleast I got the jacket.
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