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Tuesday, October 6

Current Obsession: Layered Chain Necklaces

I think it was the Glamourai's lovely creations that originally sucked me into this current obsession. She posted a DIY on how to make more or less the first piece pictured above, and then all of a sudden it kicked in.

"Oooh, I want one of those."

Sure, I like jewels. But I wouldn't say I'm a jazzy jewels kind of gal. I understand the purpose and importance of a great statement necklace, but I always felt that dainty necklaces conflicted with what I wanted my wardrobe to be (read: practical). And honestly, I was discouraged when I broke not one but two of my necklaces doing semi-heavy manual labor at work. I mean, how many impractical pieces of jewelry would get sacrificed in the course of my day?

But I digress. I am ob-sessed with the idea of a layered chain necklace.

Something about the different textures of metal juxtaposed with really girly details like a ribbon or a cutesy charm really appeal to me. And these necklaces can go from work to play--classy during the day but edgy at night paired with the right outfits for both occasions.

Now the question is which one? I spent a good chunk of my day off drooling over the amazing options. I want them all!


  1. I looove layered necklaces. In fact I have one of Kelly's that I have been meaning to post on for...two months? I am the worst blogger eva.

    Right now I am totally feeling that Anthro Bougainvillea necklace, although I am kind of uncertain about the shoelace-resemblance of the ties.

  2. Thanks for featuring my feather necklace!

  3. Hi Jinah! found you! thanks for this post...i got 3 pieces from the itsalovelycake site!

  4. I can't get enough of all these chains! thank you for including our necklace ^_^ love and cakes, Mud and Sarah, It's A Lovely Cake


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